Too much bass even in large room...?

I recieved the phone call, from friend of mine, and complaining of "...too much bass in his new room"(boomy and sloppy) The size is 14.5X24X15(catedral ceiling). His "gear" is Canton LR-1(?),(large fl.stander with 2X8"woofer) Plinius 250 mk iii, Muse Model II (pre) and Sony CD (?) $3000 one! The room is consider large. So i don't know why "bass" would act-up? Any idea? Thanks! (he moved from the appartment into the house)
Lots of fronts to address.Sometimes it is the speakers,and speaker wire,itself.Most times it is the room itself.I will never foget the time bringing my own speaker wire to a dealer for comparison.He had PSB Golds playing.The bass was so bad,sort of what I imagine might be going on at your friend's.We put my T.Labs Mst.Ref 2.speaker wire in,You would have to been there.Such a dif!! Coming from a 'dead' room,to a live room,seems to be what is going on.Getting the speakers away from the walls,room treatment,carpet,heavy drapes,furniture,Bass traps,etc,all help to get things under control.Got a new project sounds like.
Make sure the speakers are spiked.Check the wire.Position is important at least 5 feet from back wall and 5 feet in from sides.Give this a try.
highend has the right idea but i wouldn't necessarily follow the "5-foot rule." check out george cardas' site for a great article on "room setup." BTW, george's webpage is a little like his bennotonesque ads; you'll find what your looking for under "insights."
Speaker position in room is important be aware that having the same distance from side to front wall might give problems in response. Bear in mind that your listening position affects amount of perceived bass. So changing both can be a fix for this on top of the required accoustic treatment. Make the room work for you not you against it... Another idea might be to change equipment layout i.e. different front wall (sometimes possible) might do the trick. Regards
This room size requires speakers to be on long wall, 24ft, pulled out 4-5ft from wall. Should then have nice 7-8ft nearfield seating position (equilateral triangle). If you put them on 14ft wall, which I bet he has, speakers are too close to corners. This will favor bass, but will be muddy, boomy because of secondary reflections. If you must use short wall do put sound traps in corners to clean up bass, Sam