Too much

my turntable have too much "s" sibilance on the female and male vocal.. expecialy on the high freq...
Can you guys help me to adjust my turntable.. I don't know what setting I should adjust..
Thank you
Edwin halim
First try to lower VTA.
Make sure that cartridge tracking force is as specified.
Make very small variations of a tracking force back and fourth to approach the desired tone.
How can I lower the VTA on rega arm?
I just notice this problem on the thicker vinyl (200 gram) like norah jones. Isn't that reverse that what you suggested?

I'll check the tracking force..

Marakanetz gives good advice, but then it does not seem to be the VTA, if fiddling with the tracking force does not help, try cleaning all your connections, including those at the cartridge. Don't laugh, please, I've heard "ss"sybilants turn to sybilants that way.
The old saying sais if you can't rise the bridge you lower the river.
I used plastic spacesrs above the cartridge(instead of above the cartridge shell) that also decrease VTA. In addition it makes cartridge sort-of independed of arm resonances and greatly improves sound.
If you need to lift it up than there are Rega spacers also available from One way or the other it's certainly a pain to do any adjustements with Rega but still possible.
Heavy counterweight such as Expressimo or Clearaudio can also tame extraneous parasite mechanical resonances. The stock rubber-clamped one only makes things worse in that case.
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Wow, a rare post from Cornfedboy. Glad to see you back, at least for the moment.
It takes one to know one CFB - I guess it must really have been a bitch being fed all that corn as a boy when you you had to wear those braces (too much sibilance, indeed! :-)
Right Zaike, and it comes out especially, if you mention the word "Spectral". (-; Cheers,