Too many options...HELP


I use 2 Sony CDP-M555ES units for all my CDs (don't want jewel boxes coming out the yin yang). I use a Mac DVP831 to occasionally watch video CDs and to listen to my regular CDs when I want better sound than the Sonys. Now I want SACD capability also. Do I:

Sell my Mac MVP831 and buy a new Sony DVP-CX777ES. Will I be happy with regular CD performance compared with the Mac?


Keep the Mac and buy a used Marantz SA-14 just for SACDs. Then which will be better for regular CDs...the Mac or the SA-14?

For option 1, say I'll end up with $500 in my pocket, whereas for option 2, I'll be out the cost of the SA-14 (say about $1300). This is a net difference of around $1800...a lot of cash!

If I go with the Sony approach, as I collect SACDs, I won't have to keep a bunch of boxes around. But probably I'll just continue to collect CDs mostly.

Thanks for any opinions.