Too many choices for R2R DACS--opinions appreciated

So I've decided to treat myself to a new DAC to celebrate a rather significant birthday coming up, and I'm very intrigued by the new generation of DACs employing R2R technology. Reviews have been unrelentingly positive, but I have way too many choices now, so I'd appreciate some opinions from any of you who may have had a chance to compare some of them. Price range: about $3K (with some slight headroom if the right DAC warrants it). I've looked at reviews for Audio-GD, Denafrips, Sonnet, and the new one from Jay's Audio (which doesn't yet seem to have any reviews that I can find). 

I'll be replacing a DAC that I actually really like, an Abbingdon Music Research DP-777 (not SE) which I've had for a few years now, but from what I read about the R2Rs, they appear to produce a sound I might like even better. 

Listening preferences: mostly classical, some folk, some Broadway, and I never  totally outgrew my taste for the good ol' rock music I grew up with. 

Rest of the system: Modwright KWI-200 integrated, Cambridge Audio CXU disc spinner, Ryan R610 speakers, Rel S2 sub. Cables: Audience & Cardas. (This all might be a bit TMI, but let's cover all the bases).

Your opinions gratefully received. Thanks!



A thoughtful report, and congrats on having found a DAC that makes you happy!

Just saw on Headfi forum that Gustard is about to come out with a new R to R DAC called the R26.  

Mojo Mystique 3. Excellent DAC in my opinion. I had one and traded to move up their line. 

Just bought a LAB 12  DAC 1 reference  and it is very good .   Extremely smooth and easy to listen to .    

Also a Lab12 DAC 1 Ref DAC and extremely happy.  Very underrated DAC and priced very well.