Too many cans with no storage!

Hi Goners!

I wonder if any of you have multiple "cans", in my case six, and needed to find a solution for hanging them?
I am not looking for a DIY fix, nor am i looking for the cheap alternatives that are poorly made...No wall hooks!!
I would like something  that is practical AND attractive so my wife will not ask me to remove it!...:-)

Thanks to all,

Don’t get me wrong but I have to admit more than one or two visible sets of phones begins to look like clutter. A wall mounted cupboard sunken into a wall in between joists would be my way of storing as many sets.

A shoe rack takes up more real estate than these. And shoe for shoe may even cost more

The dummy heads are a smart idea.

Hi azjake,

My good friend Ghosthouse made me aware of this thread and it reminded me of this ultimate thread. It may give you a few ideas.

Good luck and fun finding

Thank you all, even the ones who were busting my chops...:-) Thanks Pokey 77 for the great read but God help me if i ever had THAT much headphones and equipment, i'd be homeless!
Deer horns?!   Unless she's 'into' 'rustic chic' and guns as well, that could be a disaster....and in that scenario, she might pull the trigger, literally.

C'mon, guys....a drawer.  Pad the bottom.  Or behind a door in a cabinet that will have a high SAF.  If 'the system' is in a 'common space', give the spouse a break.  She's already tolerating that, and headphones (especially the more esoteric varieties) start to look like something that's used for a version of mind control.

One in view, used frequently, is tolerable.  Buy a nice stand in a material that 'goes with' the decor.  Engage her with the selection options.  She may respond in a fashion you might enjoy, but don't count on that...;)

If you've got mountz' collection, you really should look into creating a 'man cave' for all of it, wave the white flag, and sue for peace.

Just a friendly suggestion...*S* least, in your 'man cave', you could have a deer's head with the 'phones on it's ears.  Have a different 'head' for each of your head-phones.  And it would be kinda amusing to see, since each one has different 'voicing', right?

Send me a picture if you 'go there'....;)