Too many boxes

I've saved all the important boxes w/associated packing materials from *everything* I've added to my system.

My storage area looks like the storeroom at Best Buy on the day before Thanksgiving. It's Full!

Can't throw any away.... what if some component needs service, or I sell something, or move....??

So...what are you doing with all *your* boxes??
Exactly the same-keep them.You can make some of the boxes flat,it helps somewhat.
One closet it full of boxes, some boxes are flattened, some boxes are inside other boxes and my speaker boxes are like high-rise shelves for my shoes. A house with an attic sounds dreamy...
I stack them between my speakers (plenty of room, plus it gets rid of that pesky center image). Hey, I paid for stereo and I want to hear two separate channels gadurnit.
I have found that after a few years the boxes start to dry out and literally fall apart with continued use. To combat this horrible thing I have taken to using large plastic garbage bags to place the boxes inside and then seal them airtight. This seems to help.

My friends think this a bit anal; I consider it thorough.
I employ a tact very similar to A/gon member Dekay. My Von Schweikert 4.5 shipped in 2 boxes per speaker.(upper and lower cabinets that stand about 5 feet tall). I filled the boxes with old newspapers and stuck the boxes in the corners behind the speakers. Ba Da Bing!!!!! Can you say bass traps. Sound stage and imaging were improved and at about $500 for a single 16 inch ASC bass trap I figure I saved about a $1000 which can now be applied towards new software. You can stack the newspapers neatly in the boxes or crunch them up and throw in boxes for a random pattern of diffusion. Final touch would be to wrap the boxes in a solid color wrapping paper, like gold, silver, or chrome (adds a bit of reflection for the highs). YMMV
I have a platform under the house where I store all my boxes. They make great homes for black widow spiders. That's probably why I only have 28 feedback responses instead of over 200.
In the ceiling of my garage - 4 full systems worth (kids gear as well). Drives the wife nuts when she looks at them but I tell her that they're not in the way and they take up less space than all her "brick-a-brack" throughout the house!!!
Rosstaman-- thanks for the warning. You may never sell anything via A'Gon again;>). Like Rgd, mine go in the garage rafters, and fortunately incoming and outgoing have been about equal, as the rafters are pretty full. Cheers. Craig
Two 10X 25 storage lockers with 15 ft ceilings. Build lofts, and keep ladder in locker. Costs $90 a month for both but at least my house is less cluttered.
Under the basement stairs. I'm not sure why it worked out like that, but the last two houses I used the same storage place.
I just moved into my new apartment in Toronto and the storage space is much smaller than my suburban house in Waterloo... I've had to flatten all of my boxes and stack all the foam parts in one of the closets... The only boxes I kept unflattened were the ones for the expensive and heavy stuff ie Sonus Faber Stand and AA Capitole. When I move again in 7 months I'll have to spend an extra half hour rebuilding the boxes. On another note, I once left a box in a garage at my place in Toronto last year and the mice ended up eating all the foam parts. To avoid this I recommend taping shut all your boxes as they seemed to go straight for the foam in the open boxes... I guess they prefer the tasty foam over the not so tasty cardboard.
I started by putting the smaller boxes (components, power conditioners, etc.) in the speaker boxes. Then put the speaker boxes in the garage. I fabricated shelving units that hang from the ceiling in the garage, and additional boxes have been placed in the dry crawl space (not quite a "root cellar") beneath the house. I lined the raw earth with polyetylene sheeting, and the boxes there actually collect less dust than the boxes in the garage.
I rent a storage space for $28 a month to store them and a bunch of other stuff (junk). For the money I've spent for this I probably could have twice the system I have now. Or maybe more CDs.
I am glad I have 5000 sf of storage spoace at my office.