Too Good to be True?

This price is so good that it would almost be worth going to London to pick them up. 9/10 condition...sounds funny.
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Roxy, maybe you're right...AudiogoN has suspended this ad.
Seemed suspicious to me as well. There's an SME 30/2 at a ridiculously low price I saw today from London as well, don't know if that got pulled as well. If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't, I guess.
You would have fun in London, but return without the Sonus Faber speakers or the SME 30/2
We'd love to see you go. Be sure to tell us how the weather is.
It's not in London it's in Zimbabwe.
Right back at you Viridian. At least I warned members of a probable scam.
Obviously. That was my point. Ads like that look tempting though, and there are those who take the bait.
There were many for SME V tonearms for a while, but they seem to have slowed down on that piece and moved on to entire turntables including tonearms.
There are a lot of frauds in London.
Right now the is a A gon Listing for Jadis JA-80 Gold 25th Anniversary for 3400 usd and offer... The pics are stolen from a Dealer in Sofia who sells them at ebay right now for 15k
First check the current Nigerian offers of riches. They are masters of scams, and yet people do fall for them. SME is the most often audio scam product. Sucker born every moment? Of course.
There are no frauds in London they're all in Nigeria, Benin, Zimbabwe, Manila etc...
There you go again.
Roxy, thanks for the heads up. Everyone (at least everyone honest) should post warnings if they think an ad may be a scam.
craigslist has feature to flag. not sure of this site.
You are more than welcome. There are some less experienced members who might take an ad like that at face value.
Roxy54... needs to calm down a bit. Mr expert... come on now..... 
Another BIG scam i would NEVER buy out of the USA never.
akispapasavvas,It was over 2 years ago, and what do you mean Mr. Expert? I don't know how to pronounce your screen name, but I do know how to tell you to shut you mouth. In fact, I'm an expert!