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I could understand the cables are snake-oil doubters and take them seriously- in 1980. Back then there was no internet, Stereo Review was pretty much it, and Julian Hirsch was the Oracle of all things audio. Stereo Review and Julian Hirsch said if it measures the same it sounds the same. Wire is wire, and that was that. 

Even then though J. Gordon Holt had already started the movement that was to become Stereophile. JGH took the opposing view that our listening experience is what counts. Its nice if you can measure it but if you can’t that’s your problem not ours. 

Stereo Review and the measurers owned the market back then. The market gave us amplifier wars, as manufacturers competed for ever more power with ever lower distortion. For years this went on, until one day "measures great sounds bad" became a thing.

Could be some here besides me lived through and remember this. If you did, and if you were reading JGH back then, I tip my hat to you, sir! I fell prey to Hirsch and his siren song that you can have it all for cheap and don’t really have to learn to listen. Talk about snake-oil! A lot of us bought into it. Sorry to say.

But anyway like I was saying it was easy to believe the lie back then because it was so prevalent and also because what wire there was that sounded better didn’t really sound a whole lot better.

Now though even budget wire sounds so much better than what comes off a reel you’d have to be deaf not to notice. Really good wires sound so good you’d notice even if you ARE deaf! No kidding. My aunt Bessie was deaf as a stone but she could FEEL the sound at a high enough volume, knew it was music. The dynamic punch of my CTS cables is so much greater than ordinary 14 ga wire I would bet my deaf from birth aunt Bessie could "hear" the difference. Certain so-called audiophiles here, I'm not so sure.

Oh and not done beating the dead horse quite yet, according to my calendar its 2020, a solid 40 years past 1980. Stereo Review is dead and buried. Stereophile lives on. A whole multi-billion dollar industry built on wire not being wire thrives. Maybe the measurement people can chalk up and quantify from that just how many years, and billions, they are out of date and in denial. 
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Basically it is an industrial spec cable that might possibly be used between inverter drives and three phase motors. And obviously as everywhere there is industrial cabling and then there is INDUSTRIAL cabling, if you get my meaning.
I did experiment with servo drive cabling too but preferred the sq of the ac motor cabling.
Not particularly cheap but anything worth having usually is not anyway. However cost even with connectors and a bit of fancy outer braid is still a lot less than some designer cords.
All I will say is that my price was..... well , gratis.
Leftovers from various installation projects.
Just something I started toying with a couple years back tbh.
I was fortunate enough to jump off the ever increasing spiral of cable “upgrades” a while back and miss the designer cables not one jot.

All my power cords are home made from cable most people here could only dream about.
Speaker cables are also home brewed from not quite so exotic materials, simple Western Electric copper cabling obtained on eBay.
Interconnects are even simpler cable but still not of a form available commonly on the street.
All in the rca and xlr connectors cost more than the actual cable.
Nice looking braided outer cover also on the cheap on eBay.

My old Weller is working very nicely thank you.

Some advantages of being industrial installation electrician working alongside Siemens and similar ilk.......
I don’t believe I got around to mentioning actual gauge but I might have gone overboard on a
An Anaconda would be easier to wrestle into place behind my rack than a couple of the 2 foot cords I made.
Connectors are a necessity, bit of colored braid just makes it look purty.
Lipstick on an Anaconda if you like.
I’m sticking to Discworld theory here.......
I just saw Elvis jogging.
And then he is having tea with Hitler and Michael Jackson.
Whoops sorry... Spoiler alert... doh.

Good luck with the knee, mine is probably 95% now so no complaints here.
I just finished watching season 2 of Altered Carbon couple nights ago.
Ready for Poe to resurrect Tak!
So you do NOT believe in system synergy then?
Where different components and different cables WILL give different results all dependent on ones particular system configuration.

A WireWorld Platinum Starlight 8 ic will sound different in my system to yours to a.n.others.
And thanks to Almarg for putting into words so eloquently what a lot of us KNOW by ear and experience.
The same cable in two different systems with differing components WILL sound different, sometimes shockingly so!

Reviews of cable can be usefull but until you try them in your own system you are just never going to know.
So companies like The Cable Co with their lending program are very usefull in this situation.

Good luck to all, stay safe and Happy 4th of July if that is possible in these uncertain times.
Of course it is is possible that the same cable in two different systems COULD yield similar results, I do not believe anyone said that was not possible.

Just not very likely unless all the components from both systems are similar in capacitance , impedance etc for the same functionality .

With the vast profusion of equipment out there from many varied manufacturer Inc home brewed even, I would hazard a guess most unlikely.
I was waiting for some witty snappy comeback.... But I guess that will have to do.

Over the years GK I have figured out there are indeed sides on this forum.
And then there is you......
Well this sure went to hell in a handbag real fast.....

Yes we have double chocolate chip!😁
Come to the dark side.....we have cookies!
Gee whizz GK.... That is just so..... You.🙄
I expected better GK.....
Maybe another coffee?
To get sort of back on track have some borrowed speaker cables that will be going in this afternoon that I have heard in another system.
Be interested to see how they " sound" in my system.
Because if everyone really believed this then no one would be recommending any wire
Which is exactly why I rarely ever do.
And why I cover the vast majority of my statements on suggestions of anything with verbiage like , " in my system, to my ears etc".

Not as some prefer to try and insist their views are law and irrefutable facts.

I trust my ears only.

Sorry MC but if it came down to a choice of placing my faith in  yours or Almargs viewpoints I have to veer towards Almarg.

With GK coming in a very distant last place.......
I see truths in Miller’s posts
I see truths in Almargs posts
I see truths in GK posts.

But I choose to believe what my ears tell me.....

I also see dead people so please just ignore me.....
Methinks the plot has truly been lost here.
Not only freebie rubber power cords, but lamp cord to the speakers.
Not totally accurate statement is it now?

  • Signal Cable Digital Reference Power Cords.
    • Vampire Wire Speaker cables.

We can all read MC, well I hope we all can.

There's gotta be SOME value in my two cents worth...
Oh for sure... About 1 cents worth....

First you have to define lamp cord.
Then what gauge, colour, blahblah.

Becomes nearly as tedious as Audiophool cables......
I know Al is more than capable of speaking up for and defending himself on here although my guess  is that he is probably done with your banality but.....
WTF is wrong with you?

This from a guy who has the arrogance to name system parts after himself, I mean seriously... Miller Solid Core Door???

I guess I have to post again as you willfully ignored these parts of Als system.

    • Vampire Wire Speaker Cable
    • Signal Cable Digital Reference Power Cords
Now yes he does also state stock power cords but you know I have some of those too, like on my Nak cassette deck where it is a captive power cord, did you ever think along those lines at all?
Actually did you ever think before you decided to deride a member who has been of great service on technical questions to MANY members here over the years?

Just sad........
Yes I had noticed his ego is writing checks his abilities cannot cash.
Who do I consult to clarify that? almarg? millercarbon? Choices, choices...
Try a crystal ball, as likely to get an answer you like.
Or the old standby, the 8 ball.
I dont think I have such a good laugh for, well forever actually.
Keep it up boys and girls!
And the world waits with baited breath.
Or is that bad breath?
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Oh thats right, no state income tax......
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