Tony Furtado, check this guy out

I stumbled across him a few months ago while looking through the bluegrass section, but that is like saying Bela Fleck is a bluegrass musician. Sure, he can do it and do it very well, but he is so much more.

I picked up "Tony Furtado and the American Gypsies, Live Gypsy" today and it is the best thing I have found in quite a while. I have a few of his other albums that I really like but this one is special. Great sonics too.
What does he play? Give us more.
I've been hearing him live for years in little bars in my area (Hood River/White Salmon), and he is very good.
I picked up the "American Gypsy" CD after a solo performance at the Buffalo Gap in Portland. The opening track Oh Berta Berta really jams. The recording quality is pretty decent. I am not big on bluegrass, but I have been playing this disc all summer long :)

Is this "Live Gypsy" a new recording?
is he Nelly Furtados brother? She is hot.
Slappy- I always enjoy your posts. Like most of us however, you need help :)
Nobody answered the question above. He plays banjo and slide guitar. "Within Reach" is a good cd, but I bought it only because, at the time, it had the only recorded version of Alison Krauss doing "I Will."

He is a very good musician if you like the newgrass genre.