Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga?...Gag Me?

Actually, this duet works incredibly well on their recent album "Cheek To Cheek". I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga and really think she's weird. Her music is weird, her persona is weird, she's just weird.

However, WOW does she have a fantastic voice! I've never even listened to any of her stuff because, well she's weird, but with Tony as a singing partner, she's great.

This album is recorded very well. Nice deep and wide soundstage and the imaging is excellent. The voices are a little forward for my taste, but still overall, well done.

Tony Bennett was one of my parent's favorite singers and I, of course, have heard him many times. He's not what I would usually listen to, but this album has become one of my favorites.

Well worth a listen and highly recommended!
Mofi, I agree. My thinking was nearly the exact same as yours. I bought the LP a month ago and it's in the rotation.
Lady Gaga was always very odd to me but if this collaboration brings a younger generation to Tony Bennett's music and the genre I'm all for it.
Thanks for the tip,ill give them a listen.As far as being weird,if I did not listen to someone because of that, I would miss out on a lot of good music and art.As Mapman said,"She looks normal for this project. That's weird! " Lol!
Yeah she is a bit weird and different but one thing for sure, she IS talented and has always had a certain appeal, at least to me. I love Tony Bennett probably because he loves and appreciates his audience as much as he loves to sing and sing he sure can! I have several of his albums including Duets and MTV Unplugged both of which are fantastic to anyone interested in hearing Tony singing with guest performers. I listen to both often, particularly the MTV Unplugged.

Thanks for the headsup Mofi, you reminded me that I need to order this one.
Tony Bennett is a NATIONAL TREASURE, simple as that.
If you want to hear the greatest "duo" album ever made get
the one Tony made with Bill Evans.