Tonian TL-D1 verse Zu Druid Mk4

Has anybody had the chance to compare the Tonian Labs TL-D1 speaker to the Zu Audio Druid Mk4 speaker? Thank you for looking.
I heard the Druids at a show a few years ago. I went back to the room several times hoping for more. Powered by Audiopax. Maybe it was the show setup? In my opinion the TL-D1s are in a very different league. They are more open with incredible high frequency extension and dynamics. They are amp friendly. I use 300B SET and DIY Pass F3.
The Zus are "off the charts". Its almost impossible to believe that everyone does not have a pair. I think the Mark IV and Credenzas are an incredible used value today (if you can find them).
Can't say I've heard the Druid Mk4 but I did get a chance, a few years back, to hear what Zu had then, and try as I good, I couldn't get my ears around them.
Someone else here, after going to the same show, stated that it was like listening to music through a metal can. That about sums up my feelings as well.
I'm sure the room acoustics and show set up had something to do with it, but I've heard speakers in similar settings that came across much more favorably.
The Tonians are, as stated above, in a league of their own. I just got a pair and can't stress enough what they can do.
I also heard the Zus just one time and found them a little glarey and etched - upper midrange/lower treble hardness. I also, as Nonoise said, found them to have a metalic flavor, kind of like the old Acoustats which had a (non-fatiguing) plastic quality. Most speakers have a flavor like some material - Spendors and Harbeth always sound like wood to me and are easy to listen to but a bit boring.

However, this metallic tone is something I cannot tolerate for more than 2-3 minutes.
I am surprised to hear anyone say Druids sound glarey and overetched. Their HF is recessed, if anything. Or another way to put it, their HF is natural and not "hi fi" sparkley.

They have much greater tone than other speakers -- maybe this is what you are hearing?

To me, they sound like paper -- which makes sense as that is what the drivers are made of. Paper sounds very good btw.