Tonian Labs vs Musical Affairs

I'm very interested in speakers that use a PHY driver. Musical Affairs and Tonian Labs seem to be two of the leaders and of similar design. I would especially appreciate comparisons between the speakers of these two companies but will welcome any opinions on PHY equipped speakers.
and what about Ocellia? These are one of the best I have had with the Phy driver.....
I have owned two pairs of the Tonians (TLM-1 originals and Classic 12.1s) Currently have the classics. They are excellent. I have heard the Ocellia Kedros in my system in comparison with the TLM-1's and while both are excellent I thought the Tonian was an overall better design with a better bottom end, top end and overall dynamics.
I like the Classic 12.1s at least as well as the original TLM-1's.

I have not heard the musical affairs.

I am a fan of the PHY and Raven drivers and think Tonian is doing a great job with these in their speakers.
Prcinka, What other PHY speakers have you heard, over which you preferred Ocellia ?

Glide3, I see from another thread that you've owned quite a few speakers. I've been told that PHY speakers offer quite a different listening experience compared with more conventional designs - I currently own JM Lab Mini Utopias. Can you either elaborate on or debunk what I've heard?

Thanks guys
Here's the burning question on my mind: The reviews of most PHY speakers that I've seen have been positive. I haven't heard anything negative on Tonian labs - quite the contrary. So why, when it seems like such a sizable number of audio enthusiasts are calling for efficient, high impedance speakers, is their so little relative enthusiasm for this design?
The Tonians are superb - and a bargain.

I own two pairs (D1 and Classic) and have had two other pairs in my system.

Tonian's re-worked ribbons are the best I've heard.

The 12" PHY driver is remarkable (less so the 8").


Musical affairs...if they sound so good through a vimeo video
then something special is going on