Tonian Labs TL-D1

Well, here is what I have to say about the Tonian Labs TL-D1 now that I've had them for a week and a half:
My goodness.
Oh my.
I'm done searching. Just as everyone has their own opinion but no one can have their own facts, every speaker can have its own sound but can it have its own truth? I believe these do. To call them 'speakers' would do them an injustice. They are more like finely crafted instruments that convey what the designer feels is a musical truth (in spades mind you). I refuse to be analytical about them as it would be silly to try such a thing. They simply compel one to listen and enjoy. I couldn't ask for more. And to think that they require about 100 hours to break in and I'm enchanted from the start.
To say that Tony Minasian is a genius would be an understatement. His speakers 'give' a little, just like a oud or cello would, which gives tone, body and a huge dose of reality that lets one suspend belief that what you are listening to is a recording.
I haven't had the pleasure (is it?) of owning lots of speakers but what I've had, and what I've heard at shows sound like speakers. They are not what I wanted. Again, these are like instruments that play their hearts out in front of you. After listening, you'd swear you are hearing the truth.
Thank you, Tony, for creating such an instrument.

I know this is somewhat short but more thorough, detailed reviews can be obtained by simply googling Tonian Labs TL-D1. I'd only repeat what has
already been said by better reviewers than I.
I'm jaded too.
I've had them for a week and a half:
My goodness.
Oh my.
I'm done searching.
How long until you eat those words? But I am happy for you, seriously, and I hope the enthusiasm lasts a long, long time.
Agree with Drubin.

Most of us are joyous and overwhelmed with a new component. It's human nature to a great extent.

Time has a way of smoothing out the agony or ecstasy.

Tholt: I don't know if there is a demo policy but just call to see.
As for the words, they are quite delicious, indeed. I have them for breakfast every day and can't get enough. Just kidding. I know the process when the honeymoon is over (we've all been there) but I see myself being monogamous in this relationship.
I'd have to spend several times their cost to get anything better and it would be incremental, at best. It would take 15X their asking price (now, about $2500) before I'd blink and then it would be the Tonian TL-M1. But then I'd have to have a much larger space to play them in and that would involve giving up my humble cave of an apartment.
No way.
Tholt: I don't know if there is a demo policy but just call to see.

Thanks for the info. I'll give them a call. Interesting that I had read another thread which mentioned these speakers as very good (I had never heard of them), and then your thread popped up. I like the concept of speaker cabinets akin to 'instruments'.