Tonian Labs TL-D1 Mk2

I received my TL-D1's from Tonian Labs a couple of weeks ago. I am using them with a Red Wine Audio Isabella with built in Isabellina DAC and an RWA 30.2 amp. The Isabella and 30.2 are connected via an Artisan Silver USD IC, and the speaker cables are Artisan Silver USD's as well.

These speakers are excellent! Very fast, articulate, and truthful. They will show you what is on the recording. I'm finding that they sound great with any type of music I play. I could go on about the usual audiophile stuff like 3D, holographic, depth is great, imaging to die for... blah blah blah......but what I find the most amazing thing about these speakers is that they play music. They really do make me just want to listen for hours. They have a ribbon tweeter but are not even slightly tiring. Quite the opposite. Real music, no glare, nothing shrill. Ultra detailed but in a completely natural way.

I've also listened to them using an Audiolab 8000A with Tonian speaker cables and that sounds great as well. I could easily live with that combo. Either combo makes real music and for me this is what it's all about.

I love these speakers.

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am interested in the 12's (larger, PHY drivers)- supposedly amazing, but much more $$$ ($9k+)
Yes- have heard the same- it's too bad I am in Toronto and he is in California I believe- kind of far for an audition!!