Tonian Labs TL-D1 Mk2

I received my TL-D1's from Tonian Labs a couple of weeks ago. I am using them with a Red Wine Audio Isabella with built in Isabellina DAC and an RWA 30.2 amp. The Isabella and 30.2 are connected via an Artisan Silver USD IC, and the speaker cables are Artisan Silver USD's as well.

These speakers are excellent! Very fast, articulate, and truthful. They will show you what is on the recording. I'm finding that they sound great with any type of music I play. I could go on about the usual audiophile stuff like 3D, holographic, depth is great, imaging to die for... blah blah blah......but what I find the most amazing thing about these speakers is that they play music. They really do make me just want to listen for hours. They have a ribbon tweeter but are not even slightly tiring. Quite the opposite. Real music, no glare, nothing shrill. Ultra detailed but in a completely natural way.

I've also listened to them using an Audiolab 8000A with Tonian speaker cables and that sounds great as well. I could easily live with that combo. Either combo makes real music and for me this is what it's all about.

I love these speakers.

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I'm with you Sutts. After hearing these TL-D1's, I want a pair of 12.1's one day. But as you say; expensive. Well to me they are expensive but everything's relative. To others 9 or 10K may seem 'budget speakers'. If down the road I have the $$$ for a pair I'd buy them. I've never heard a PHY driver but have heard great things about them. And I think Tony Minasian at Tonian Labs is some kind of audio genius so I've no doubt his implementation must be superb.
While I'm not in Toronto, I'm also very far from California. I didn't audition these TL-D1's. I had just been looking for speakers that would be a good match with my RWA amps and from all I read I had a hunch these were the ones to get. I took a chance and I'm glad I did. I don't regret it for a second. Tony is a great guy to deal with too. He also makes recordings. His recording of a drummer is among the finest recordings I've ever heard. It sounds so real. So pure. It doesn't seem like a recording, it seems like the drums are in the room. Which is also one of the qualities of these speakers; realism. The image, depth, soundstage, tone, pace,... everything seems just right to me. Instruments sound like what they are and where they should be. I forget I'm listening to 'a stereo' and just get lost in the music. As other owners and reviewers have written; Tony designs these cabinets in a way that they give a little, just like an instrument as an acoustic guitar etc... would. While I find they excel with every type of music, there are certain recordings where I'm just blown away by how real the music sounds. A real sense of living breathing musicians in the room. Like on the aforementioned drummer recording and just the other day I was listening to Anouar Brahem's 'The astounding eyes of Rita' and I was, well, astounded:-) It's great music and a great recording and these speakers reveal it. Just so enjoyable.

For me that's the whole thing, am I enjoying it or not? Am I forgetting about stereo equipment and just enjoying my music collection? I'm not an audiophile, I just love music. (At least I don't _think_ I'm an audiophile but I may be in denial:-) One day...I can see it now, "Hello, my name is In_time and I am an audiophile."...."Welcome In_time!")