Tonian Classic 12.1s vs. Vintage Tannoy MG 12

I currently have a pair of vintage Tannoy Monitor Gold 12" speakers mounted in custom cabinets with redone crossovers, hardwired in bypassing the compensation controls.

Could anyone venture a guess as to how the Tannoy "house" sound would compare to the Tonian "house" sound?

Thank you much.
I too would like to hear any feedback about the Tonian 12.1s sound, but there seems to be little feedback on these gems.
I just read the recent short thread about the Tonians, so that helps a little. I was curious about their bass capability.
Plenty of bass in the 7.1 and 12.1 models. The TL-D1's are capable of very good bass response depending on room placement.
Cabinets and crossovers are important parts of the stew, and I don't know enough about your Tannoy rigging. Both will have generous midranges and full, rich tone. The Tonians may have better definition, particularly at higher frequencies, and can be a little faster (depending on the electronics). Both are easy with music, and not sharp, shouty, or grating.

Thank you Knott for sharing your thoughts. I'm sorry, I do not know how to post a picture to this thread, but here is a link to another thread that has photos of my Tannoys in question. Maybe by looking at these photos, it may give you more information.

In any case, I really do appreciate your response.

Thanks guys, you've helped me as well.
It appears from the photo that your Tannoys are rather close to the wall, and this placement would be less than ideal for the Tonians. You may know that the Tonian cabinets have a removable panel at the back, and the owner can use different sizes of "slat" to achieve different results, but you would likely want a little more space behind. I don't know if you have experience with ribbon tweeters, which Tony's designs use.

Thank you for taking the time to look through the other thread to see my Tannoy speakers.

Yes, you are correct. The back of the Tannoys are only 18" from the wall behind them. In this placement, having the bass reflex ports on their front is probably a blessing as compared to having a rear port design.

I would imagine having the backs of the Tonians only 18" from the rear wall would not be ideal. By having them that close, would the affects be that the bass becomes boomy and/or the depth of soundfield be shortened? How much room do you think they would require?

I have never owned speakers with a ribbon tweeter before. I would imagine that it may contribute the biggest difference in the presentation of sound, vs the dual concentric style tweeter that is in the Monitor Golds. I of course have not heard the Tonians, but from what I am reading, the midrange on down seem like they may be more alike sounding than different.

I appreciate your comments.
Just to follow up, I received an email from Tony, the designer and he said that all a person needs is 18" between the back of the speaker and the wall behind it. He said that the plates in the back of the speaker are adustable to adapt to almost any room.

I thought others might like to know.