Tonearms: the lightest, the best ?


Low effective mass tonearms are generally matched with high compliance cartridges and high effective mass tonearms to low compliance one to avoid resonance problems...

JUST CONSIDERING THIS FACT am I right to think that I can theorically allways match a light tonearm to every cartridges ( even those with the lowest compliance ) by adding weight on it ?

Does somebody have an experience of such a combo between a light tone arm + additionnal weight and a low compliance cartrige ?


This is exactly the way to do this. Just make sure you use common sense.
What is light? What is heavy?

What is a low compliance. I do not favour these vague terms.

Have you read Ladegaard's 1977 paper? Splendid:

It tells me, that not compliance nor effective mass are important.

But the Hz's of the rf and the dB's of the resonance- peak decide if the tracking is safe.

But too light arms will suffer a too low resistance against elastic bending- or torsion- defornmation. So the most harmonious combination of skills of them all will win the game. And there are more unfluencing parameters than mass and compliance on their own.