Tonearms for new Linn LP 12

I am getting ready to order a Linn LP12 and due to financial limitations I am considering ordering the TT by itself and adding a Graham Robin Tone arm and upgrading to the Ekos later. Any one have any epereience with the Graham Robin or can you recommend another arm for less than 1000.00?
I had an Audioquest tonearm on my Linn for years and the current PT 9 Basic arm retails for 550.00. They are exceptional arms at their price point and work well with Linns.
Dear Theo: Maybe you can find a Moerch DP6/UP4 or a Naim Aro between your budget ( second hand ).

Regards and enjoy the music.
Ultimately I would love an Arro but am concerned buying new. With the fine point of the uni-pivot I would be afraid to buy one receive it and find it damaged. Maybe I should save and by pass the Ekos and get the Aro later. I agree it is the best arm I have sen on the LP12.