Tonearms for new Linn LP 12

I am getting ready to order a Linn LP12 and due to financial limitations I am considering ordering the TT by itself and adding a Graham Robin Tone arm and upgrading to the Ekos later. Any one have any epereience with the Graham Robin or can you recommend another arm for less than 1000.00?
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Rega arms should work. RB 300 is classic.
I had an Audioquest tonearm on my Linn for years and the current PT 9 Basic arm retails for 550.00. They are exceptional arms at their price point and work well with Linns.
Dear Theo: Maybe you can find a Moerch DP6/UP4 or a Naim Aro between your budget ( second hand ).

Regards and enjoy the music.
An Ittok is a great choice for around $500 to $600 used. As with all used tonearms, it is a good idea to by from (or with consultation from) a dealer or someone otherwise reputable and knowledgeable in things analog.
Ultimately I would love an Arro but am concerned buying new. With the fine point of the uni-pivot I would be afraid to buy one receive it and find it damaged. Maybe I should save and by pass the Ekos and get the Aro later. I agree it is the best arm I have sen on the LP12.
Try asking at

Lot's of LP12 users past and present there. Some will no doubt persuade you that the LP12 is not the best table at it's price point, but you're also likely to get some good advice. People there run Linn, Rega, Roksan and many other arms on LP12s.
if you want to stay with Linn, you can pick up used LVII's for well under your budget. otherwise you need to go all the way up to the Ekos ($2500!). I would also seriously try to get your hands on a Lingo power supply: HUGE improvement...
I listened to an LP12 with the Robin arm at Alternitive Audio in Fort Collins Colo. and it was a very nice combination. He really knows his Linn TT's. I found it solid, musical and seemed like a resonable way to start an LP12 package. However there may be more musical setups for $3000 that the table and a Robin would cost new.
Had read that Graham Robin isn't the best choice.Some companies know what they are doing when they have the money but I read (stereophile?) that Robin was not worth the bucks.Heard in terms of sonics and rigidity the Rega 1000 was really good.I had a crazy mechanic who (he was an indendent not a VW dealer) who would make me buy oil filters for $3 more than a Fram (best one according to Consumers Reports).If he could get german oil he would have used it too.When I quieried why he said "German car German parts".Boy I miss that '82 Jetta latter ones I bought drove like Taurus's or Accords (same thing).Anyway without totally digressing into how I really "felt" the road go into debt or save up and get the Ekos.Lingo aftee that and Cirrcus lter.Lin with Linn.Though must say that Nain is a beter arm and knoiw folks who say that Graham (big buck ones work well) my advice save your money and try to get a used Ekos from somebody who sounds luike they treated it well and wants a good home for it not bags of cash.
Davt, actually I am a customer of Rick's. I didn't realize he had one set up. I need to get over there and listen. You are right Rick is the TT guru. I am in the same train of thought you are. It is a cheaper way to get into a LP12, but I am wondering if I should just save and start out with the Ekos or Arro.