Tonearms for Clearaudio Master Solution type TNTs

Would it be good idea to use VPI JMW - 10.5i or the JMW-Classic 1-3 Arm for Clearaudio Master Solutions (or Innovation) series turntables?
I would appreciate for any other option recommendations.
If you can do without VTA adjustment on the fly, the Classic 1 would be a simplier and cleaner install. As for a sonic match with the Clearaudio MS, I have no opinion. Why not use one of Clearaudio's tonearms?
Clearaudio's Universal arm with the optional VTA collar is a good match for my Innovation Wood, as is the Phantom II.
I use a Universal and a Graham Supreme on my Master Innovation. I like the Graham better.
Thanks for your advices and comments, I will go with Graham. I thought Clearaudio's light fiber glass based tonearms are not best fit for reliatively light weight ZYX cartridge I will be using.
I have a Master Solution with a Graham Phantom Supreme, perfect match as far as I concerned.
Redsectora, thanks for your feedback.
I am still deciding, either Tri-Planar or Graham.
Rokokono, just saw this thread, good to see another master solution owner. I am currently using Kuzma 4 point, was easy to mount, just had to get the standard unify arm board hole machined from 30mm to 40mm, and mount it flush with the "locking ring" removed. It works exceptionally, a really nice tone arm, although aesthetically, to me, not as nice as a delicate thin arm!! I tried the triplanar, and the thing that really bugged me was the cueing device that had to be released to store the arm in its rest. I kept worrying that if the arm was knocked off the rest, the stylus would crash into the platter. Liked the triplanar, apart from this little quirk. Have no experience with the Grahams though.
I have been using the Graham Phantom series arms (currently Phantom II Supreme) with the Clearaudio Maximum Solution. Great combo. Adjusting VTA on the fly is awesome. I am adjusting VTA on almost every record I play, especially 200g vs 120g vinyl. The VTA adjustment makes a big difference.

The Triplanar is also great. You can't go wrong with either arms. My experience (in my system and friend's system) with the Phantom II Supreme is it is friendly with many different cartridges. It is not picky at all and works well with Clearaudio Goldfinger series, Dynavector xv-1s and xv-1t, Lyra Titan i and Atlas, etc.