Tonearms for a Luxman PD-444

I just purchased a Luxman PD-444, which will accommodate two arms, one 9-inch and one 12. Anyone here have one? I would love to know which arms you had on the table, so I can try to find something before the table gets here.



Congrats on that amazing turntable classic. Here's what I have in my vault for my Luxman PD444 and Victor TT101

Technics EPA-100
Victor UA 7045 and 7082
Sony PUA-7
Luxman TA-1

My system is here 



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My system is here 


ohi ohi the glass of 2200 is visibly and irreparably cracked!

@knollbrent nice system. I am thinking of getting the copper mat for the PD-444.

Do you hear a difference in the sound or does it simply look awesome?

@saulh not sure I hear the difference in sound but it didn't hurt either. And looks awesome.