Tonearms for a Luxman PD-444

I just purchased a Luxman PD-444, which will accommodate two arms, one 9-inch and one 12. Anyone here have one? I would love to know which arms you had on the table, so I can try to find something before the table gets here.



Is it coming with arm boards? If so do you know what hole or slot is in each one?

@pindac thanks for the good wishes. Anticipation abounds here with about 3 weeks to go until delivery!

@solypsa attaching photo of the armboards if that helps.Armboards


Hi and best compliments for the turntable;
the armboard above you can use it for the following vintage and contemporary tonearms to the turntable
Stax UA-7, UA-70, Fidelity Research FR-64, FR-64S, Saec WE-308, WE-308L, Ortofon RMG212, RMG309, Micro Seiki MA-505, MA-505L Grace G-704 G714

The lower armboard would appear to be compatible with the SME 3009 arms etc. but you don’t see 4 small holes around the main hole.

I wondered if the lower armboard is drilled for a Fidelity Research B60 heavy base?

As I recall, a hole drilled for the standard FR mount will also accommodate the B60. At least it does so for me.

I only have one comment on the long list of possible tonearms. Some of the lesser expensive SAEC tonearms have an odd geometry. This might be a factor if you want to be able to switch cartridges mounted on head shells with any frequency, without having to readjust stylus overhang, etc. Or worry about headshell offset angle. I have never owned an SAEC tonearm, so take this with a grain of salt.