Tonearms for a Basis 2001?

Hi, all.

I just picked up Basis 2001 with the RB-300 arm. I am debating whether to upgrade with the Incognito wiring or save my duckies for a new arm altogether.

What are some good arms to look for short of the VECTOR (which runs $2,400) or a Graham 2.2? Are there any $1,000 or less arms that really rock with the Basis? $2,000 or less?

Thanks in advance!

If your not going for the Vector now (I would give Galen Carol a call ASAP for a quote!), then just have OL do there rewire/mod. Made a HUGE difference here over the stock Basis rb250 I had. I had a Din termination added to the rewire/mod. Thus I played with different IC's - check out Silver Audio's SilverBreeze IC with the Ol modded Basis rb arm - great synergy. Or Tg Audio as well (a bit to stiff for my setup). Or Kimber Ag DIN/RCA, but the Silver Breeze really shines with the Basis/Ol modded arm.
How about a Graham Robin for about $750? Interesting and very positive review in S'phile a few months ago. Just throwing that out there in case it's of interest, I haven't seen/heard one.
I, too, would do some shopping for the Vector before deciding that it is out of your price range. It is a stunningly good arm and a perfect match for your 2001 or most any table you might have in the future.
I had the 2001 with an RS Labs A1 Tonearm. These are $900 new, and about $500 used. Best arm in the world for $500 if you can find one used, but all manual and hard to use without damaging your stylus. Worth it though.