Tonearm with removable head-shell

I am looking for a TT which can accommodate a tonearm with removable head-shell. Why? I have no confidence that I could ever replace a cart on my own and have no hifi shops where I live so I'd like to be able to send just the head-shell to a dealer who can replace a cart when the time comes w/o having to ship the entire TT.

Budget is 1500, or so, sans cart.

Ideas welcomed.
The Denon 47F has a removal head shell.
In addition to just a headshell, there are several arms that
the "wand" is removable. VPI is one.

Music Direct has a new limited time special edition VPI
"Scout SE" that looks really nice and is only $1395.00.
That would be my recommendation.

Also, remember without the complete turntable it will be
almost impossible to setup and align a cartridge correctly.
Without the complete turntable it will be
almost impossible to setup and align a cartridge correctly.

The only instance I am aware of in which a cartridge can be properly installed without having the entire turntable is if both the cartridge and the turntable/tonearm conform to the T4P ("P-mount") standard. Those cartridges mounted via pins, and could be changed by the user by simply unplugging the old cartridge and plugging in the new one, with no adjustments being necessary.

I believe that standard was introduced in the 1980's, and did not achieve broad popularity, at least among high end audiophiles. I believe that P-mount cartridges are readily available these days, but I don't know if turntable/tonearm combinations are, other than used.

-- Al
When you have absolutely no idea from cartridge aligment there is only 1 way to avoid frustration: Go for a Graham Arm.
Even when you need more time to get it, it is worth it. It has an alignment tool which is outstanding. Even with 10 left thumbs you can adjust ANY cartridge spot on.
Dear Mofimadness: You are right about VPI but I can see a problem down there: the VPI arm wand has a lot high price that the price for a headshell.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I'm not sure a turntable is a good idea for you. You really have to jump into the alignment process to get its full potential and enjoyment of vinyl. The alignment should actually be checked every so often as it can go out for many reasons. It's actually fun once you get the process down.
Markpao is correct; proper alignment is essential. Still, you have alternatives. New, you have to go Graham. Beau coup bux and unless you are seriously into vinyl, not worth the investment. You might want to look for Bang & Olufsen pivot arm table used; they sounded very good and new cartridges can still be found for them (one MC2 popped up today). Another used piece that might work for you would be the Magnepan Unitrac I arm - it can be mounted on pretty much anything, sounds great and has an alignment fixture along the lines of the Graham.
Ah, yes get a Graham...for a change, good advice from Bavaria :)