Tonearm wire, SILVER vs SILVER, all the same?

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Silver tonearm wire, Walker, Kuzma, and others, the purity is so high that the flexibility of all is dependent on the diameter and the degree of movement the wire must experience. Insulation is dependent on the proximity of the components it interfaces with.

I ask you view the web site,

Shielding will always enhance the performance of any cable. I ask for your opinion on the products offered by this company. If you have silver cables, do you feel that those you purchased , are better than ones that might be produced using a wire provided by a company such as E & S Supplies. How many 9's are worth the cost?

It sure is fun to think, and question, the validity of the products presented to us, so we can open our check books, and sign away our hard earned dollars.

If you have silver arm cables, say what you think about the advantages. It will, of course, depend on whether you have SS or tube electronics, plainer or dynamic speakers, your musical preference, rock or classical, the color of your wife's hair, on and on.

Thanks, and I look forward to your responses

I think a lot of the differences between wires boils down to how the wire is made. Cold rolled or die extruded? Molten or grown? Quenched or annealed? IMO, the reasons for different sound are largely based on the answers to these questions because in the end, silver is an element of the periodic table. However, the lattice structure of wire can be vastly different from the pure element, depending on how it was made and shaped. Afterall, we are counting on the lattice to pass the signal. Shielding can be done effectively rather easily and has been done so for years so I think the real issue happens before the cable is even put together. That is my 2 cents.

It seems that silver wire has a sound of its own...not necessarily bright, or dull, but kind of smoothe, or delicate. I'm not sure that silver is better..just a little (very little) different.
For what it's worth: I've had 2 experiences with silver cable, one in my tonearm and one w/ interconnect, quite a few years apart, yet the experiences were exactly the same. I listened to the silver cable for some weeks, and noticed that I was feeling frustrated (more than usually) with my system. I eventually switched out the silver cable, and--voila!--mid-range and bass became warmer, richer, and more "there". So, while my first reaction to the silver cable was both times fairly positive (it had a particularly smooth seeming treble), I concluded (for myself, anyway), that the smooth treble came at the cost of some peculiar effect in the mid-range and bass. I suspect that there is more to it than that, and that there are exceptions, but I'm not going to spend any further time or money with silver cable again, myself.