Tonearm wire burn-in question.

I have my ET2 arm wired with one continuous run of wire from cartridge clips all the way to the circuit board of my phono preamp; where it is hardwired. I just replaced the Discovery tonearm wire that I used for years with Audionote silver wire. It is an absolutely fabulous wire. AN claims it needs very little break-in, but I would like to burn it in anyway using a line level signal.

I would like to not have to dismantle and unsolder the existing wire arrangement.If I send a line level signal from the cartridge clip end of the wire to the preamp (turned off, of course!), will the wire get broken-in? Or does the device at the receiving end need to be active (turned on) for the burn-in to be effective?

Thanks to all.
The phono pre-amp does not need to be turned on. There is a completed circuit, whether the device is powered up or not. That fact is witnessed to by the device's input impedence remaining constant, whether the device is turned on or not(for the sake of the doubters).