Tonearm Whats Perfect Match for My Technics Sp15?

Getting a plinth built for my Technics Sp15 and im looking for the perfect match without busting my bank account. Any suggestions?
You might have to define "busting [the] bank account" and you should also suggest what your plinth will be able to handle (i.e. what mounting distance) and what cart it needs to perfectly match with. The SP-15 is a really nice motor. In almost any price range you come up with, the quality-price ratio will be quite good for Japanese arms of the same vintage as your table.
It will be the choice of cartridge that should determine your tone arm choice. I was a Technics dealer in the days of the SP series and they worked with about anything. The Jelco 750D is a good arm and can be bought new for less than many classic arms. Most of those are also good but bearings may be 25+ years old. If you want to use MMs the SME 3 is a very good arm that is often available at good prices.