Tonearm Upgrade for Spacedeck

I currently have the Spacedeck / Ace Space Tonearm set up and would like to upgrade. I would appreciate any suggestions for tonearm upgrades that work well with this table.
Audio Origami PU7.
I'm running a Hyperspace and have been very happy with an OL Illustrious with a Riggle VTAF VTA adjuster. Never had the Nott. arm so can't speak to any differences.
My Spacedeck is very happy with a Schröder 2. I had a machine shop fabricate a collet to fit the 2's pillar; it was cheaper and faster than ordering one from NA's US importer. Frank Schröder's customer support is fantastic too.
Wow, nice to know the Spacedeck can play well with a Schroder. Slightly less expensive then the Schroder 2, you could install a Riggle VTAF adjuster on your Nott arm.
Exactly the same as Rob Doorack. I have the heavy platter too.
I use a Micro Seiki MA 505 for lower compliance cartridges (Koetsu, DL103) and a Morch UP4 for more modern designs like the Benz cartridges. Both sound excellent, but I have been surprised by how good the Morch UP4 sounds with the Spacedeck. I previously had an SME IV which did not work well with the Spacedeck.