Tonearm/table compatibility?

Getting ready to update my analog front end and welcome any input from more experienced audiophiles. Are there any charecteristcs of a specific arm that makes it a better candidate for a specfic table. Or is it just throwing the plate at the wall and see if it works? I've been living with a Sota Sapphire (vaccum)/ Linn Basik LVX/ Ortofon X3-MC, for a long time and would like to upgrade the arm/cartridge. But, alittle overwhelmed by the options avail. or where to start. I do know that I want to stay around $500(arm), and continue using a high output MC, not nec. the Ortofon. Is there a type of arm that would mate well with the Sota, without a lot of tweaking?
Thanks for any input, Matthew
The SOTA tables seem to sound really good with the SME arms. The 309 is a good match, but at around $850.00 used it is a bit of a stretch. Then again, if you can throw in the money from the Linn arm that you sell, and eat at Denny's for a few months you may be there and the extra dollars may be very well spent.
Don't forget that an arm change requires a new armboard. You should factor that into the equation too if you don't want any financial surprises at the last minute.

If you want to use an MC cartridge, stick with an arm that is of at least medium mass. Lighter arms with MC's are typically less than optimal. Selecting something that offers adjustable VTA is also recommended. Sean
I would suggest you look at Origin Live tonearms. They mount anywhere the ubiquitous Regas would go. Tonearm/cartridge match is just as important, so talk to someone about the cartridge you will want to use.
Thanks everyone. Blkadr - I've been looking at the line of Origin arms. I have a couple armboards that came with my table, I think the SME/Linns take the same board. I don't know if the Rega based arms would fit that one also.
One question about the Origins. Do they source the basic arms from Rega then modify them or are they their own designs that use a knock-off of the Rega as a starting point?
The SME arms require a different cutout profile than either the Linn or Rega cutout. The Origin Live arms begin with Rega sourced arms. There are no Rega knock offs as the tooling required to make the unique one piece arm casting would be far too expensive at this point in the analog ball game.