Tonearm suggestions for a Micro Seiki DDX-1000

Recently acquired a Micro Seiki DDX-1000 turntable - was going to sell it but I like it too much. Any suggestions for a tone-arm?
The Nottingham Space arm works well, for less money the Rega's also sound good
I'm not a tonearm expert, but the big question is what's your budget?
600 and under range. Already has the Micro Seiki arm board.
Dear Weirdsailboat: IMHO I think that almost any tonearm could work with that TT, what I think is more important is with which cartridge do you want to match that tonearm because the cartridge quality performance depends on the matched tonearm.

Regards and enjoy the music.
if you can stretch you budget a bit more then go for the trans fi terminator Check out the review on enjoy the music this is dirt cheap but very serious performance
Well as of right now I've got an Audio Dynamics Corporation tonearm that was bought at the time of purchase with the DDX by it's previous owner along with an Empire MC20 cartridge. Cartridge sounds OK but I'm not happy with the tonearm at all.
I'm pretty limited to 600 at the moment as I'm shopping for a pre-amp and speakers as well. Thank you both for your input.
A Micro Seiki MA-505 will work. Used they run about $500 or so. As Raul said whatever you get will need a cartridge that matches up with the arm. I used a Dynavector 20XL on my MA-505.
Pardon the ignorance, but will I need any additional equipment for a moving coil cartridge?
If you're talking about a low output MC, you'll need a step-up to boost the signal before going into your phono stage. What cartridge are you planning to use?
Currently have the Sumiko Blue Point but wouldn't mind trying something different.
As others have pointed out, the cartridge/tonearm match is more important than the tonearm itself. Since the cartridge shapes the sound more, you should really settle on that first.
Dear Weirdsailboat: I don't know which ADC tonearm you own ( mayme LMf-1 or 2. ) but in my experience ( I owned ADC tonearm ) is a good tonearm if you matched with the right cartridge that in the ADC case is a MM cartridge.

There are many options for a good MM cartridge at a very good price ( around 150.00-200.00 ). The quality MM cartridge performance is " surprising " high. So IMHO you not necessary need a new tonearm but a new MM cartridge and with the money that you save you can buy a lot of LP's.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Been searching for a list of tonearms that will work with the AX-1 armboard with no luck. Anyone have any knowledge of what tonearms are compatible without having to upgrade the armboard?