Tonearm suggestions

I was thinking about a rega rb1000 for my Palmer 2.5 table and Benz ace cart. I have a rega mount on the table and I want to stay in the 2000-2500 range. Thanks everyone!
I'm unfamiliar with your turntable, so take my advice with a grain. If you're interested in Rega arms, take a look at Origin Live arms like the Illustrious 3C or, at a higher price point, the Conqueror 3C. The "C" versions have carbon fiber wands, which are suppose to be an improvement but the older ones are good, too. OL arms have the same geometry and mount as Rega arms but they're generally considered to be better.

You could also look for a used Graham 2.2, which you can pick up for around $1,600 give or take. I owned one for years. It's not perfect but it's very good, and one of the best deals on the used tonearm market, IMO.

Good luck.
I'd take a look at the Audiomods options and the Funk FXR.

Bot have been reviewed by Jason Kennedy.
The RB1000 is much better built than the Audiomods, but is more difficult to do VTA as it requires spacers under the arm base. For your deck I think the RB1000 will give better performance. I've heard both arms and would consider the RB1000 to be more precise.
Why not get an Audio Origami PU7 which seems to be what most Palmer buyers in the UK are using. I'ts Rega mount, and I think you could get a new one for US$2500 ex UK or talk to Hammertone the importer. RR $2900 - surely they can do one for $2500.
All the Origin Live tonearms use the Rega mount. So does the JA Michell and other modded RB250/300/301/303 arms.
I am using a Rega 1000 on my LP12. Works very well; I bought the Moth OEM version as it is $1200 rather than $2000; only lacks the Rega logo. According to UK reviews they are identical otherwise. I am using Pete Wriggle's VTA adjustor which will add another $200 or so to the arm cost. I was using a Graham 2.2 previously and it is a good arm also but I am going with the RB 1000.
I dont agree that the Rega 1000 is much better built than the Audiomods. Perhaps Dover can explain. Everything about the Audiomods that matters is top drawer, from bearings, to micrometer VTA adjustment to VTF accuracy. And its cheaper.

You mike look into Helius Omega also. Excellent arm, unique bearing system and sounds as good or better than my SME IV.
The best way for you is an origin live, i have a conqueror mkII with VTAF from Pete Rigle (see the review on 10 audio )and as Jerry said it's addictive )i have never spent so much time listening to music since i have this arm. You can find one in your price on the origin live site, they sell second hand old model.
Very excited for my Audiomods with the micrometer to arrive. Dover, good to hear your thoughts on it vs the 1000. I'd love to hear are more detailed comparison of the sound.

As far as other Rega issues here, be aware that the Rega built arms not labelled as Rega don't always use the same wiring that Rega uses. Sometimes that is very visible in the RCA connectors used. Not that there aren't tons of rewire kits out there.

The Audiomods has the excellent micrometer VTA options, but for other Rega arms without easy VTA adjustment there are good options such as Pete Riggle's VTAF.
Here's a link to a review of the newest Audiomods arm:
Thanks for the replies!

The audiomods looks great and the reviews are glowing as well. I also do like the fact that it comes with the micrometer. I wish I could audition one of each these so I could know for sure.

Does anyone have an opinion as to what price range I would be able to better the arms in this discussion? I want to settle into a good arm and be able to upgrade my cart without having doubt about my arm's capability.
The Audiomods is a modified Rega RB250, albeit with new bearings etc. The arms are quite different structurally.
I have actually heard both arms on a Rega P9, the RB1000 was more precise sounding, and to my golden ears cleaner and more articulate, provided the VTA was dialed in on both arms.
Agree with the Helius Omega, an interesting arm, and SME IV, they are both good options and to my ears superior to the Rega/Audiomods.
Based on the 6moons review I linked to above, it looks like the newer Audiomods arms are based on the RB300. Not sure what sort of difference that may make. I did like that the 6moons reviewer put the Audiomods in context with regards to what SME arms sounded superior to his ears. The other reviews have been raves that give less of an idea where the ceiling like with Audiomods arms.

And note that the arms that Dover compares Audiomods to are $1900 (RB1000) and $2850 (Omega).

Not trying to be a fanboy but want to put the recs above in context.
If you are considering the RB1000, you might want to take this advice posted over on Vinyl Engine:

"Re: Rega RB1000 over RegaRB700

post by zharca ยป 18 Apr 2012 18:37
If you are thinking of buying a top Rega arm like the 1000 then it may be worth waiting a while because the new 303 arm tube is going to find it's way into the rest of the range and it should make a big improvement as it really is a much better design.

If you take a look at Paul Miller's graphs, the 303 now measures better than the 1000, so if a "1003" version arrives with the new armtube plus the RB1000 stainless base and wiring it should be a very good arm indeed."
2nd Origin Live.