Tonearm suggestion for Garrard 301 schedule ll oil bearing?

Hello. Firs Happy holidays to everybody! I have this question and I’ll appreciate any suggestions. I have Garrard 301 oil bearing turntable and I like to buy 12” tonearm. I’m thinking of Jelco TK 950 L, SME 3012 or  GrooveMaster ll titanium tonearm. Will  use Dennon 103R cartridge (at least for now). I really like GM ll with titanium tube and silver wires but there are not much reviews for this tonearm. Please advise which one will perform better from all three, or maybe suggesting for another 12” tonearm. Thank you to everyone in advance and Stay safe! 
IMO from point of effective mass
Groove master II
or SME 3012 but R version or early versions with stainless steel tube.
There are a lot of reviews on the 3012 I, II, R. I've always uses SMEs on Garrards, and Thoren TD124s. I currently use a modded 3012 II, a 3009 II (detachable HS), Jelco SA-750L (10") and SA-750E(12").

The 10" is on a Russco (Shure V). My MM rig. (I pick them up every now and then) I call um Garrard Killers. They are, David vs Goliath. Russco, GRK, and Sparta. About twice as heavy and twice the size..BUT direct rim drives like the Garrards, unlike the Thoren, TD124s

The TD 124s I use Dennon 110, 103 and 103R. I'm waiting on a valve phono/ RtR stage (Decware).  I currently use a C20 Mac and C2500 both with good sounding phono sections. C20 was modded for MC use, quite good.

I know nothing about the Grove Master.

SMEs and Jelcos, BOTH are good tone arms and plenty of parts for the SMEs. I haven't used the Jelcos enough to see any wear issues.. Good tonearms, though. In use for 3 years, now.. The SMEs 25 and 35 years I know of.. I rewired one and added RCAs to both..

The Groovemaster is fantastic. I use them (and caveat - I sell them too). I would say the arm is quite neutral, meaning won't 'add' warmth etc.
For heavy / low compliance carts its about as good as it gets in the price range.
Btw the SME 3012 series 1 ( original 1950's) is quite a bit higher in effective mass compared to the newer 3012R. There are tons of fans for the R though.

I currently use an Ortophon RS309 D 12” arm on my Woodsong 301. Believe it is the same as a Jelco.
I like it very much but are upgrading to a Triplanar SE at more than double the price. Yet to install the Triplanar but think it will be a significant change. Sounds like the Jelco is the best choice. Mine works really well. Only upgraded out of upgraditis. I got it because I knew it was good and that it was period correct for the 301.Write me if you want mine.
Xmas present?
I've 4 Jelcos. The 12" 850L is very detailed and etched and tracks my Decca cartridges well. Bass timbre definition could be a little better with alternative headshells. The magnesium HS25 standard one is fine but bass is better on the Yamamoto HS4. However, like most carbon fiber damped the top removing the extreme detail. 
I have not heard the GM2 and it’s always on my list but I have heard it described as a little detail shy in the top end.
I’ve heard the same about the Schick.
Which leaves me with the Jelco. I don't think you'll regret the 850/950 and they'll hold their value. The pink cable is fine.

With an appropriate plinth you can use any tonearm on the market with your Garrard and if your 301 is meticulously serviced (and even modded), the better the tonearm the better the sound. Check out my profile and system. I have not tried every arm out there but quite a few and I am a fan of the Reed 3P.
From an aesthetic standpoint the SME is classic. I do not know the groove master very well but I do not trust Titanium in a tonearm. Unlike aluminum titanium rings like crazy. It is also harder to machine. Maintaining tolerance is more difficult which is why you do not see many of them out there. If you have to have a 12 inch arm then look at the Schroder CB and the Reed 2G. I personally prefer the Schroder but the Reed is also an excellent arm. Both are neutral balance arms with their vertical bearing at the level of the record. Both have frictionless magnetic anti skating. Both are lighter than both the SME and the Groovemaster. This will result in less distortion with most cartridges.
Thanks to all for your response and advices, they are very useful for me. I’ll definitely check Schroder CB and Reed 2G tonearms. Seems like everybody loves SME 3012 series l or 3012R probably  because of the stainless steel arm wand, the problem is that so hard to find lately. 
Your reference to the Denon 103R being a initial Cartridge to be used
and maybe one that will be exchanged for another Model, will have an influence on the Tonearm recommendations being offered.
Is there a MC Cartridge you are intending on purchasing after the
Denon 103R  ?
Most likely I’ll stay with Denon or Audio Technica 33EV because my music is Heavy and Classic  Rock. Thank you.
If you’re staying with those cartridges and playing heavy rock, the Jelcos are all you need. I play everything from airy female vocals, jazz, classical, Hawkwind, The The, rap, Blues... No need to blow $5k on a Reed or Schroder etc. 
How is you Garrard set up? Plinth? Refurb level?
@mijostyn Audiocreative initially made the Groovemaster out of aluminum and titanium concurrently as a choice for the buyer. They dropped aluminum as it was clearly inferior.

Your point is taken ’in general’ but in this case the smart folks at Audiocreative have made an informed choice between them.
Given the OP declared cart list ( 103 or 33EV ) the 3012R ( or Jelco or Schick )would have a more useful effective mass vs the Groovemaster imo...
Thank you for replay. Regards the turntable I’m waiting for the parts. Will be no upgrades besides new idler wheel from AudioSelence. Other than that all new springs, groomets,suppressor,thrust path with phosphor bronze ball bearing, break  pad, new power cable.Motor will be serviced. About plight I ordered to a friend of mine 5”solid walnut ( five layers, each of them 1”) and I guess I’m done. Only tonearm left. Thanks to everybody and happy holidays.
How about an Audio Technica ATP-12T? Back in the day it was the arm of choice for using the low compliance Denon carts. Very well built and period correct. Audio Technica still sells them new under a different model name, the AT-1503.
Due to it being a perfect match to the Denon carts and the ruggedness of it's build it was used on a LOT of broadcast tables.
I use one in the rear position of my two arm Victor matched to a DL-103 with excellent results.

"Unlike aluminum titanium rings like crazy."
Have you got a reference for that, Mijostyn?