Tonearm ringing excited during playback

I play 12" singles on my VPI Scout with JMW-9 Signature arm and Benz-Micro Ebony H cart and the kick drum during any musical passage not containing much, if any other musical information mainly on loud cut dance singles excites a nasty ringing in the audio either from the arm tube or maybe the arm base containing the pivot. I recorded the tone it makes(lowering the stulus on a stationary record and just tapping the turntable plinth excites this ring), E-mailed the file to VPI and they sent me another arm but it didn't fix the problem. Has anyone else encountered this and how did you fix it? I'm wondering if changing the arm to something different would be a good idea or just sell the Scout and get something else altogether.
How is the turntable mounted? Is the turntable close to the wall that the speakers are in front of?
If you're positive you set up the arm correctly, and that the table is not on a ringing supporting shelf/table, etc. then I would use a bit of damping at the pivot. Just add 1 drop after listening...if the sound is good, add another drop and listen. Continue until there is a deadening of the sound...then use a Qtip, and remove that last drop. Now listen for the ringing. If its still there post again and we'll go further.
Did you check to make sure that the compliance rating of the Benz-Micro Ebony H is compatible with the effective mass of the JMW-Signature arm? If not, the rig will not track properly.

I've been there and one it with a number of other cartridges that I couldn't seem to get right with my VPI Classic 3 tonearm. An old VPI hand, Mike, was able to replicate a bass ringing problem that I had because of this type of mismatch. In the end, I had to settle on a different cartridge.

You might be able use the tools on the Vinyl Engine website to check compliance compatibility.

If your cartridge compliance matches with the tonearm's effective mass, I would consider the possible of a defective cartridge.
Bif...could be a defective cartridge, but I would try the damping first. I had a Benz that tracked beautifully in the VPI metal arm.
Stan and OP:

VE reports that the JMW Memorial 9 Signature arm mass is 9.5 grams. I assume that is the arm's effective mass. VE also reports that the Benz Micro Ebony H has a rated compliance of 14 and has a mass of 9.6 grams. And finally, I ran the VE resonance calculator. The Benz and JMW 9 Sig should be fine.

Stan's suggestion is the easiest to try and I hope it works. If not, the only other factor that comes to mind is that the TT is not set up on an sonically inert table or shelf. If none of these factors are the cause, I am back to the possibility of a defective cartridge .... and I hope I am wrong.

@OP ... Is Benz still around? How about the dealer?? My point is do you have recourse??

@OP ... btw, I assume that you eliminated other possible causes, e.g., electronic problem with your equipment.
I have a hotrod Scout with the 20lb platter and 10.5" Classic arm.  Same problem, ringing when tapped and on silent grooves or passages.  My solution was to put small plastic washers between the headshell and my Lyra cartridge AND on top of the headshell between the top surface and screw head.  A great improvement.  Washers are on Amazon for cheap.
I had a Benz Ebony LPS on a VPI metal arm and it was wonderful......I really don't think the problem is the arm
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