Tonearm rewire- Options?

I'm leaning toward Incognito, since it's a continuous cable, but Origin Live also has a cart-preamp re-wire option, however there are apparently some in-line solder joints.

I saw an Audio Note table with a rewired (silver-Damn those Audio Noter's and their reliance on silver) Rega arm, and that got me thinking...

Are there any other reputable, or otherwise, tonearm cables that "do it right"?

I'd LOVE to get something like Incognito's rewire done, but, as a firm believer in Silver conductors. I'm wondering if this is an available competitor from any manufacturor.

Otherwise, Please regale me with stories about your various experiences with Incognoto, Origin Live, and/or Discovery's rewires.

THANKS- I really appreciate the analog advice, although I've been around the 'goN for a while, I am a true vinyl newbie.
I don't use any silver, and my rig sounds just fine.
I recently had my SME V rewired by Incognito/Britaudio. The result is like removing a veil from the texture of the music. It is the best $100 upgrade I can think of. It works nicely with the Shelter 501 and Townshend Mk 3.
If you are interested in silver wiring: The Michell Tecnoarm (A) (newest version) uses Deskadel silver wire. Very sparse information about the silver wiring can be found at

The Tecnoarm is a heavily modified RB250. I wonder how it compares to say the Origin Live Silver?

I REALLY wish I could just afford to spend the extra loot on this arm. It reminds me of an OL arm, the armtube modification, teh lack of paint, the rewire...

One thing that noone has addressed (I couldn't find an answer anyway) is the new Michell Tecnoweight's mounting method- Is it as good as the OL structural mod?

Thanks for the heads up on the tecnoarm wire source...
The counterweight with the lower center of gravity should be better than the stock Origin Live counterweight. Several people have reported good results with an Expressimo Heavyweight on their silver arm.

I am more worried about the bearings and the armtube. The arm tube of the Tecnoarm is drilled and damped and different from the Silver arm. No glue which one should be better. The bearings might be better on the OL Silver tonearm.

I am very curious about the wiring: silver wire could result in a brighter tonal balance... You might be able to get some wire directly from Deskadel for a rewire of your tonearm...

Has nobody ever listened to both arms? In the UK the Tecnoarm must be selling like the famous hotcakes (in particular since there it is more than a 100 Pound cheaper than the OL: more like $700) Hifi world has reviewed both very favorably, but I didn't see the full review to say more.

If you do not wish to have silver wire in the RB you can buy the Audio Note RB250 version and it is wired with audio note copper wire. My understanding is that the Audio Note version of the arms is wired as a new arm at Rega. In other words, Audio Note supplies the wiring/interconnect materials to Rega and Rega uses this to produce the Audio Note arms.

This would be as opposed an aftermarket outfit (like Origin Live, others) purchasing stock RB arms in bulk from Rega. These arms are then handled again, the wire removed, and then refitted with with the Audio Note wire and interconnect.

I am using an Audio Note ARM2 (RB300 w/silver wire, silver interconnect) in conjunction with a Michell Technoweight and a Dynavector DV20XH. The counterweight was a definite improvement; bass became more solid is the best way to describe it. This arm is very, very good with the wire and weight modification. Stirling Electronics in the UK sells them for around 540 US plus shipping. I believe they retail for 600 for that Audio Note turntable with this arm is a spectacular value and a very good sounding turntable for the money.