Tonearm Repair shops

Can anyone refer me to a good tonearm repair shop? This relates to my ongoing saga of problems with my Audioquest PT-6 posted here previously.

thanks in advance!
Does AudioQuest not have a repair center? I think they used to be distributed by May Audio Marketing, but I don't know how far back that goes.

There must be someone who works on the arm. What is wrong with it?
thanks Nrchy - I have a call into Audioquest to see if they have a center, or if they will refer me to someone. Their web site has no mention of service or repair, and tonearms aren't really a big deal for them anymore. I'm waiting for their return call now.

As for what's wrong - here's my previous thread which describes the issue in detail:

The net is it won't track properly. I thought I had fixed the problem by cleaning and relubing the horizontal bearing, but that procedure only worked briefly, and the issue returned a day later just as bad. So I think it will need a bearing replacement, or at least a thorough cleaning requiring disassembly, which is something I'm not comfortable doing.

I'm just trying to find out my repair options to determine if I want to have it repaired at all.