Tonearm recommendations

I Just purchased a vintage Empire 208 Turntable without a tonearm. I'm looking for advice on a easy install replacement arm $500-$1000.
+ the Jelco very good arm for the money well made and easy to set up. easily bests many at double the price imo. Get a 750 in the length you like as your denon will handle even the 12" but you can get the 750 in the 9" with the upgraded tone arm cable (must) for well in your budget. may even get a longer one. you do have to buy a tone arm cable though they don't come with one. figure out if you need a straight or angled plug were it goes into the bottom of the arm. I got a 750 12" look on my profile and see it mounted if you want a picture.
@cjaronica For Denon 103 you can buy the Thomas Schick "12 tonearm ("9 version is also alailable). This is the most elegant tonearm on the market, made in Germany. It was designed for low compliance cartridges such as DL103 and SPU. I strongly recommend Schick "12 over the Jelco of any kind. Here you can check my Schick on SP10mk2:
Isn't the 208 unsuspended? If so, consider the Trans-Fi air bearing tonearm, which punches far, far above it's weight (and cost). I use two of them, on high class modern turntables.

I don't think you can get a Thoman Schick for under $1k though if so I hear they are wonderful as well. lacking in anti skate though from what I understand .
I suggest you look into an Analog Instruments Siggwan which is a 12" cocobolo unipivot.  It is less expensive than the Schick and sounds better too. Each one is made to order but mine only took several weeks.
I forgot to mention the Siggwan is a great match with Denon 103 cartridges.  I have a 103R on mine right now.  (I used the 103R on a Schick before I got the Siggwan.)