Tonearm recommendation for Dynavector DV-20X cartridge.

I have a Sota Sapphire with a Sumiko MMT tonearm and a Dynavetor DV-20X cartridge.

Want to upgrade the tonearm and need suggestions....budget under 2000....On the fly VTA adjustment would be a nice option.....I do not necessarily have to use it all as I can bank some of it for other upgrades.

As always thanks for your thoughts....

You have a number of choices in your budget range.  Keep your eyes peeled for a Micro Seiki MA-505, Graham 1.5, 2.0 or 2.2.  They all have VTA on the fly and are truly superior matches for the Sota & DV combo.  You would definitely get the best out of the 20X with any one of them.

Grace, Ortofon and DV arms are also really good, but lack VTA OTF; a DV 505 would probably stretch your budget a fair amount.  SME is another choice, but can be a pain to mount on the Sapphire.

Tri-Planar and JMW can be made to fit, but require modifications to both plinth and body.  Tri-Planar would probably also stretch the budget.

A last alternative could be a Magnepan Unitrac I.  Long since discontinued and not readily repairable if you have a failure, but a truly excellent performer that can be found at a reasonable price.

FWIW, my picks of all the above would be the MA-505 or 1.5.  Solid performers at attractive prices that have the ability to extract the very best out of the very best.

Good hunting and happy listening!
Google Jelco with On the fly VTA.