Tonearm re-wire - what would you use?

Thinking of re-wiring my tonearm wire.

Just wondering, what do people re-wire with and how much did it cost and was it a lot or a little hassle?
there are special wires for this like Cardas..
I would only use a 'recommended' tonearm wire made or specified for arms as the arm needs a certain type of wire with special flexibility..
Use non-specified wire and your arm may now work well.
PS: this sort of wire is hell fo the non-professional to work with (soldering etc.) so let a specialist do it.
(I consider myself competent to do most soldering, but I wouldn't TOUCH trying to rewire a tonearm... again.)
I am using the Discovery 28awg wire from Parts Connexion.

I solder it to simple copper slip-on connectors at the tonearm end (connects to posts on Graham Phantom) and I solder it to Eichman bullet rca connectors at the photo stage end. I do not find it difficult to solder it to the copper clips. Place the small clip barrel end up in a vice, insert the wire end and a small piece of solder together in the barrel of the clip and apply the solder iron so that it melts the solder in the barrel. Remove the iron and let the solder cool with the wire in it.

I do find it tedious to solder it to the Eichman (it is easy to put in too much heat and accidentally move the pin in its plastic housing).

I do not shield it or braid it and get no interference, which is probably unusual. Also, it is easy to accidentally sever the wire when stripping off the insulation. There is a technique for stripping fine wire using a soldering iron or match, but I do not know exactly what the technique is. Jeff
I did the Cardas rewire of my Rega RB250. It can be tedious to work with but well worth the effort. Which ever wire you decide on use the Eichmann Copper Bullets, they are an incredible upgrade to any interconnect.
When soldering the Eichmann Bullet Plugs, do your best to get a heat drain that really pulls the heat away.

A normal RCA socket doesn't work out as well as something I found at Guitar Center. It's an all-metal three pronged contraption with an RCA socket and a 1/4" plug - there must be something on the third arm, but I can't remember what. It was just a few dollars.

When the RCA plug to be soldered is mounted on this, there is a lot of metal nearby to conduct the heat away. Set your soldering iron to the right temperature and be fast. The little solder gulleys on the Eichmanns are great.

Great RCA plugs.

I have rewired my Eminent Technology ET2 four times over the years. Each time, I have used one continuous run from cartridge clips to preamp. I have used Vandenhul silver, Cardas, Discovery, and Audionote silver. My favorite, by a long shot is the Audionote. Fantastic resolution, refinement, and speed. And after break-in, not a trace of harshness. Maddeningly thin wire, but the upside is that it poses very little drag on the arm's movement as a result. $290 with AN cart clips attached for 1.5 meters, ordered through the US importer. Probably the most cost-effective upgrade I have ever made to my system.

An interesting project for you might be to order sufficient wire with clips and/or RCA's attached (or do it yourself), and try the wire attached to the arm externally so as not to alter your arms existing wire. AN is so thin that you could do this easily. I believe you'll be amazed. If you don't like it (unlikely), I am sure you cold sell it here for little, if any, loss.
I just rewired a Nottingham arm with Ikeda silver wire. Depending on the arm, I think it's not that difficult and well worth the $ and effort.
If your preamp has balanced capabilities, rewire with balanced connections.
Stringreen: Do you think any balanced connectors are as good as the Eichmann silver RCAs? Ie, isn't there a concern that the bulky XLR connectors will be a detriment to signal transmission?

Frogman: Kudos to you for being able to manage the Audio Note wire. Triplanar did not feel comfortable re-wiring their tonearm with the wire because of how difficult it is to work with.
Jimjoyce25, 'the bulky XLR connector'. Have you ever looked
inside this connector? There are 3 thin pins there.

Schmendrick: Are you suggesting you don't think there's a material difference?
Incognito wire from Galen Carol Audio. Specially for Rega Arms. Rewiring the tone arm rewarded me with a fantastic improvement in the sound of my Rega P3.
I just had my SME V rewired with Audionote Kondo wire for £250 here in the UK. Much better than the VDH MCS150 it replaced.

I used Origin Live wire to rewire my tonearm. Though it is quite expensive, it is well worth it for a permanent solution. Ask Jay at Audio Revelation for more info. Cheers.