Tonearm Parallel?

While  I reed in the tonearm setup instruction that the tonearm needs to be parallel to the surface of the disk, there are some real expert that stat the tonearm should be raised be a few mm at the bearing side.

What is your experience?



I have a similar question , " VTA my compromise setting "  .

Read the answers I received .

So parallel to which record ? a 140gr or a 180gr ?   

Also watch Soundsmith's Peter Ledermann's videos  , .

Interesting link, interesting videos. So many variables to get the sound right from the cartridge through the tonearm and the phonopreamp….

I have a program to do adjust adjustment. Once it is set for with the bajonett headshell for the various cartridges its done. The VTA you would have to adjust everytime you change the cartridge. It will obviously also change with the tracking force you apply. That looks very time consuming considering each cartridge has different height which changes the vta again..

I guess getting the VTA horizontal with the highest cartridge and adjusting the tracking force of the individual carftidges will bring me close.

Otherwise i would have to stick to 1 cardtridge and optimize it.


The SRA needs to be 92 degrees. The arm has to be adjusted to achieve that angle. 


Happy Day After Thanksgiving 

How many cartridges do you play with ? 

Suggestion 1 stereo and 1 mono from the same company and possibly even the same model  like Soundsmith Carmen mkII that comes in both or the Grado Prestige Specialty series Gold . This would eliminate height and weight differences.

Just something to think about .


I play 4 catridges, depending on the music I listen. All different sound signatures and varying in height by 1 mm. Benz Gullwing, My Sonic Lab, Van den Hull and Goldring Ethos. 

adjusting each time would be a pain..