Tonearm options for VPI tables?

Has anyone used arms other than VPI on their tables? Is it possible? Thanks.
Many VPI turntable users mount arms other than VPI's. In fact, the company has been making turntables for a lot longer than it has made arms. VPI is very cooperative in honoring customers' arm preferences.
I have used the following (in chronological order):

Sumiko MMT, Grado, Alphason, SME IV, Syrinx PU3, and for the last 20+ years, the mighty ET2 (with various upgrades)

In every case except two the improvement in SQ was significant.  The Grado was a sideways move from the Sumiko overall.  The ET2 was transformative in my experience; hugely better than the others in the ways that matter to me.  My last tonearm.
Just get the spindle to pivot distance of the arm. If it lands on the tonearm board the arm will fit it just requires drilling a new board the right diameter.
I just installed an Integrity Audio true glider on my HW 40. It absolutely kills the stock arm. I wish I could remove the VPI arm. The Integrity stands on the left side of the TT on the rack. Excellent customer service as well.
Thanks for responding, I've owned 3 VPIs dating back to 1989 and currently have the Prime Sig w/Fatboy gimbal arm. I think I'm jumping ship as I am not happy with the VTA , azimuth, or anti-skating. I can't get consistent sq with different pressings. Some great and some not so much, especially given my investment! The Kuzma 4point is calling me...
do you listen to mono as well as stereo?

are you able to add a second arm on your table?

I learned here about the improved sound of dedicated mono cartridge, and then got help putting a two arm TT together. I often go back and forth stereo/mono/stereo in a listening session, instantly, effortlessly, simply select which arm’s input.

Advantage is both arm/cartridges all aligned, balanced, anti-skate fully ready to go. Also, your main arm can be rigid, not a removable headshell if you want. You might also be able to fit a longer arm.

I wish I had done this many years ago. Actually, I am thinking about a 3rd arm, 1: mono, 2: MM for older less magnificent LP’s (replaceable stylus), thus reducing hours on 3: main MC on main arm.

If I ever get tempted to spend a lot of money for a MC cartridge, the alternate MM will be even more important, that can be done with a second arm, and if it has a removable headshell, switch to a mono headshell and re-adjust tracking force and anti-skate. I'll continue to do that until I decide on the 3rd arm. 
Dear @joeyfed55 :  In the next post I see that you recommended the Fatboy:

If you have some trouble about my advice is to put in direct contact with VPI ( by phone. ) and explain all the problems you are experienced, maybe they can help you to fix it due that as you said was a high $$$ investment.

In the other side yes that Kuzma is very good design.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Questions for @cleed and @frogman.

Cleed, have you ever heard of Harry selling a blank (armless) Classic or are you referring more to the other tables in the line?

Frogman, what table did you have the ET on?  I had one on a Sota for years.  Not that best matchup I have been told but I enjoyed the hell out of it.  It finally got to the point where repairs were way more than I could justify but I was sure reluctant to go back to the world of pivots.  Looking back I realize that the solid deck Classic would make a near perfect foundation for nice new ET.
... have you ever heard of Harry selling a blank (armless) Classic or are you referring more to the other tables in the line?
Matt sez VPI will set up its 'tables for whatever arm the buyer prefers.

My ET2 sat on the MK2, 3, and 4 versions of the HW19.  Then, and for the last ten years or so, the TNT 6.  Great combination in each case.  Still love the arm and it has never needed repair of any kind.  I have tweaked the heck out of it.  Awesome arm.  Good luck.
Thanks cleeds, great to know.  I truly love listening to a well setup uni-pivot.  But the technical side of me really hates working on them. I often thought a TNT type setup would be grand (many 'grand') but I was more curious about the Classic since I had not seen one as a blank as yet.  
... I was more curious about the Classic since I had not seen one as a blank as yet.
You may never see such a 'table. Typically, the plinth or armboard would be drilled out by VPI for the pickup arm of the buyer's choosing.