Tonearm Options for Basis 2800

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has experience putting something other than a Graham or Vector tonearm on this table. I'm somewhat new to turntables and my perhaps incorrect impression was that with a bit of tweaking most arms could go on most tables, and by tweaking I don't mean radically changing the plinth etc. I was considering putting a Vector 4 on a table that has a Vector 3 and was told (by the big kahoona) that it's not possible because of a "high cup/low cup issue", so I'm just a bit confused.

I am not of the fan that thinks you need wood to mimic live instrument sound like some companies use in their tone arms. I want to hear as little resonance from the item as necessary so I can hear the music in its full glory. I don't want to add other colorations on top of others. This applies to other components as well. I know companies that don't believe in using lots of dampening in their loudspeaker cabinets. They think this sounds more like music. This is not what I'm looking for.
Thanks Jwm. This is a family that knows how great a tonearm can be and how much it affects sound quality, in my opinion more than the TT. Friends of mine in LA/Orange County Audiophile Society are lined up to come check it out.
Whatever he does it is done to the extreme. Fanatical research, laser focus, run through the walls effort. You have to spend some time there to see the projects in different areas all done as completely. The speakers, jaws dislocate.

Is AJ Conti working on the design of speakers that Basis may put on the market in the future? Can you disclose anything more about the nature of these speakers?
I made a mistake to post things I saw. You can email him and ask what he uses. I know there are no plans to sell speakers.