tonearm on a technics sl1200mk2-help

I just purchased a technics sl1200mk2.The tonearm is elevated. I inserted and adjusted the balance weight but I can't get it to come down. It moves upward and downward when I manually push it but it reverts to an upward position when I let it go. Is there something I am overlooking to begin with? I have yet to mount a cartridge on the headshell. Please help.
The balance weight will always be too heavy and will lift the rear of the arm when there's no cartridge fitted. There's no way you will get it not to do that with no cartridge but i'm at a loss as to why you're concerned. It's like saying that your car is too close to the ground when it's got no wheels on.
The cartridge *has to be* installed before you can balance the tonearm. Check out this set up video: