Tonearm mounting differences Graham vs.Tri-Planar.

I would appreciate for explaining mounting differences Graham vs. Tri-Planar.
Is the high is the same for both?

In other words if I can place them on the same arm board (plinth) and only mounting holes drilling pattern would be different, the high would be the same, not requiring any high adapters, transition panels?
I have a Graham and the arm height is adjustable as it is on most arms; in most cases, not all, only one height board is offered. In all likelihood the same board will work but I have not used a Tri-Planar; is it also adjustable for height?
Yes, the Tri-Planar has adjustable high as well.
I am not sure if the same board would work since highs are different.
At worst case I would order the custom arm board.

The same height mounting board will work for both arms. I've seen it done on more than one table.

The hole drilling patterns are quite different however, as are the mounting distances from the TT spindle. My suggestion would be to have a board dedicated to each arm.
Here is a picture from both Arms

Graham Phantom / Triplanar
Above the Armboard they are more or less the same, the main difference here is, the Triplanar is a "on Board" mount, the Graham Board needs a hole because the Arm shaft and the Din Connector is below it (you need some space).
Graham Phantom
Dougdeacon and Syntax,
Thank you so much for your advice. Now is clear, I will keep the same arm board and re-drill it for the Tri-Planar.
Now I need to find one somewhere.

Dougdeacon, based on your previous post and experience, would you confirm that for ZYX Airy 3 cartridge the Tri-Planar would be one of the best options among others.
One of the best? At its price point I'd say yes.

Syntax has compared Tri-P vs. Graham Phantom using a UNIverse. I believe he prefers the Phantom with that cartridge. That's a bit costlier though, as you have to buy a tonearm cable.

Schroeder arms are also good with Airy 3. Softer bass than a Tri-P but quiet and with a low sound floor, which helps the Airy 3. It's a lively cartridge and likes a quiet arm.

The Durand Talea is the best tonearm I've personally heard (with ZYX UNIverse or Ortofon A-90). I've no doubt it would be exceptional with an Airy 3 also, it's the quietest tonearm I've never heard but sacrifices nothing in terms of solidity. Quite a bit costlier than Tri-P however.
Dougdeacon, thanks for sharing your experience.
The Talea and Syntax a bit too pricy.
What other tonearm options for Airy 3 would you recomend, in a range of $2k-$3k?
Quite a bit costlier than Tri-P however.

The Triplanar has considerably harder bearings (hardest made anywhere in the world) and are thus the most durable; also having the least friction. However its not a $2K-$3K contender unless you find one used.

My findings are different from Doug's; IMO (using recordings I have recorded and released on LP as reference), the Triplanar is the more neutral arm for less money.