Tonearm lift at end of record - Expressimo Lift

These are way too expensive (if you can even find them).

Anybody know of an alernative (other than picking up the tonearm yourself)? DIY method?

Too expensive? Expressimo's web site ( offers the "Lifter" product for $49.95 plus $6.50 for shipping and handling. Other models go up to $125 with shipping. I have one of them, and I would describe it as a well-made good design and a good value within our high end context. If their prices are too heavy for you, you might try studying their design and putting together a knock-off from Home Depot pieces (if possible).
Remember we can buy a used fully automatic turntable for under $100. I love my lift - I have the tall version & it never fails.
Jameswei - Have you been to lately? I was before listing my question. It's just a 1 page site now. I guess you'll be joining me at Home Depot for parts if you need another lift.
Does anyone know if the shorter version will accomodate the stock arm set up on a Music Hall MM7?

I am using a paper weight under mine to lift it. It should work. Look at the photos under my system page. It should give you a good idea.
Ncsercs- Drat! You're right; it looks like Sal has hung up his spurs for good. Home Depot, here I come.

Using the paperweight elevated my lift to accomodate a 3 inch platter. It should alleviate the need for a larger version.

On that note, I am sure if enough people wanted one we could teamp up to get more made.