Tonearm lift

Hi to all!

I would build a cueing lift for a vintage broadcast 12" heavy tonearm, the Audio Technica AT 1501. I've got in Japan a new separate lift piston from Jelco and now I would know please if someone has already assembled some similar item and has some suggestions to properly cut the relevant supporting bracket...

I will lathe from inox a bracket with two holes, a larger for tonearm pivot turret, a smaller for lift piston. Each cut hole will foresee a threaded insert to block the piston and the tonearm at the right height.

I could copy the Ortofon AS45 but without the arm rest because I intend to utilise the original AT rest to be mounted on the armbase. Any suggestion?

Moreover it seems that Thomas Schick tonearm lift is very close to Jelco item... Does someone own this tonearm and may measure the bracket supporting the lift piston, namely the distance between the 2 cut holes (lift from tonearm pivot)?

Thank you!