TONEARM for Tsd-15, and SPU's

I will be auditioning a Luxman PD171 at a dealer in the next week or two. I will be hearing it with the PD171 standard Jelco arm. However, I may order the table with a higher Jelco, an SME M2-9R, or an Ortofon 212S or 212D. I would ideally like to get the arm that will match my tsd-15 well, but also allow me to delve in to SPU's with confidence. My Tsd15 is the SFL, not in traditional headshell. However, I could always opt for my next Tsd-15 in the traditional headshell. The SPU on my radar is the current production Royal GM II.
Fjn04, I'm not familiar with the Luxman tt but I know/own the arms and your EMT cartridge very well. You won't go wrong with either SME M2 or Ortofon arm but given your choice of cartridges my preference would be for a vintage SME 3009-r. But you should verify with the importer regarding synergy of any of these arms and the Luxman tt.

The Royal Gm II is a very musical and honest cartridge, wonderful and smooth on vocals, but can be a little soft with some music. Ultimately it lacks the energy of the TSD-15, there are others in the Ortofon line that are livelier.


Disclaimer- dealer
emt 929 - check out Art Dudleys review on the 997 in Stereophile. Also the Thomas Shick (I think that is how it is spelt)
Thanks. From their website, I pasted over the choices
below. Interesting that they list the older SME 3009R arms, and NOT the current M2 series. David, can you see the Tsd-15, and the Royal GM complimenting each other well. Too alike? I listen to alot of singer songwriter stuff, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, CSN, Steely Dan. Then more complex stuff like Dire Straits:Telegraph Road, Zeppellin, and an occasional cheap thrill with Deep Purple, AC/DC....
Playing more Jazz now than ever, maybe 15 percent.
The Tsd-15 holds it's own with the harder stuff, so I am hoping the Royal might have a bit more midrange emphasis, presence....

Available Tone Arm Bases

OPPD-AB1: For SME 3009R/3010R and other 9/10" tonearms
OPPD-AB2: For FR 64/64S/64FX, IKEDA IT-345
OPPD-AB4: For SAEC WE-407/23
OPPD-AB5: For Ortofon 212S/212D
OPPD-AB6: DIY universal tonearm board