Tonearm for Transfiguration temper

Hi folks

i have the opportunity to get a transfiguration temper (not the latest V,W variants) cartridge at a good price. I have heard it (on a different system to mine) and was impressed.

My system is a Gyro SE, and incognito RB300.

My feeling is that the arm MAY NOT be up to it.

Will it work in this arm? and what arm/type of arm would do it justice?

I have a transfiguration temper W and have had it installed in the following setups. Linn Lp12 with Naim ARO. Incredible dynamics, very neutral, excellent bass surprising me for this arm. VPI TNT with Graham 1.5TC. This is also an excellent match. Very dynamic. While the ARO was more exciting, the 1.5TC was more balanced. Now using it on a debut gold MKIII with Graham 2.2. Even better. I had planned to spring for a phantom soon or a vector. Not sure which one now. So much money not knowing how it will sound in your system. I will have to see how this plays out. I find the Temper W a superb cartridge, and purchased on my dealers recommendation. I also considered the Lyra Titan. I didnt want a nude cartridge due to dust Although I have read it is also superb. I never looked back and am very pleased. One thing though, and this would kill rega setups without VTA adjustment. VTA is critical. I find this cartridge has to be dialed in just right. I would suggest get a good arm as priority, then go after a cartridge.
As a new owner of the Temper W, I totally concur withLinnlp12 comments. The W is the finest cartridge I have ever heard. I upgraded from a Lyra Helikon, which I was quite pleased with, but the W is in a league all to itself. The Rega arm will work well with the W, but to extract the very best out of this cartridge I suggest you purchase a Pete Riggle VTAF (VTA on the fly); you will not be dissapointed.
The above comments are right on the money!I have had the older Temper(superb),and now have the "V" in a Graham 2.2!Very satisfying sound,and very detailed.My old Temper lasted,believe it or not,8 years.Like an old Honda,you almost cannot kill it!One important note--the Temper is a fairly light cartridge,weighing only 7.5 grams.This should be considered when chosing the ideal arm,to mate.Not a big deal,but careful attention here will add to the ultimate performance.You can save big bucks,by looking at some offerings on Audiogon's "for sale" listings.Great stuff there!

Also,I have found the 47 ohm load,in my set-up to be quite good.Another area to experiment with,for you.

The mfgrs suggested tracking force IS correct.Don't stray too much from it,and keep the bottom of the cart. body close to exact parallel,with record,for best results.

If you do go for a Graham,though there are a number of really fine arms to chose from,be SUPREMELY attentive of damping fluid level.This has been a very trying road,for me,and has made me a bit unpopular in these threads for my over the top defense of a "make or break" sound in the Graham 2.2,but it is CRITICAL!

Best of luck!!
Dear Laurence: The Naim Aro is a very good tonearm and the Moerch tonearms is a very good option too.

Now, Sirspeedy has a wider experience about Transfiguration cartridges, so his advise is a sure way to go.

Regards and enjoy the music.