Tonearm for Technics SP-15

I have a Technics SP-15 turntable with a Grace 707 arm and a Grace F9E cartridge with a Soundsmith new stylus.  This combination sounds great but is limiting.  The 707  tonearm has a fixed headshell and it does not allow me to easily swap other MM  high compliance catridges or match compliance requirments MC cartridges.  Suggestions welcome from those more expert than I.  


My idea was to mount EPA-100 mkII on Victor TT-101 sooner or later

Just to be clear, by "fat" I meant to suggest that it is wide in diameter at the base which requires a much larger than average hole in the tonearm mount board.  Also, my personal bias would be to hard wire the IC to the base, thereby eliminating a pair of RCA jacks in the signal path.  JP, have you ever done such a mod?

Dear friends : The OP has a lot of alternatives for tonearm other than Technics that it's not the best tonearm ever made what is the best is the VTA mechanism used in the Epa 500 and MK2. 


In the other side the OP has not to buy a vintage tonearm when today ones are really good and more important comes with full warranty from the today manufacturers.





Hi @lewm 

For that mod I'd recommend machining a new base pillar cap to be able to fit a cable retainer.  You'd either need to solder the IC at the bottom of the base pillar, or run thin-guage wire the whole way through from the connection PCB in the base.  The latter may not be ideal for a good many MM carts as the cable capacitance of such a set up would be rather high.  

The mod I'm working on is a pillar cap so I can terminate mini-xlr, as I run balanced.  That's more of a personal project as 1) I don't think many people would be interested in it and 2) it's something intersting that gives me an excuse to put the lathe and mill in the garage to use.