Tonearm for Technics SP-15

I have a Technics SP-15 turntable with a Grace 707 arm and a Grace F9E cartridge with a Soundsmith new stylus.  This combination sounds great but is limiting.  The 707  tonearm has a fixed headshell and it does not allow me to easily swap other MM  high compliance catridges or match compliance requirments MC cartridges.  Suggestions welcome from those more expert than I.  


+1 chakster! The EPA-100 is an excellent arm with removable headshell. This feature will not adversely affect SQ - contrary to what mc said.

chakster, jason

OP is a close personal friend with a wonderful sounding system.

mc, He has absolutely no vibration concerns.

that Arm looks like a winner, and I see it has VTA on the Fly, that’s a wonderful thing.

this one was listed recently, seems a darn good price


seller has it on yahoo auctions also.

You can also look for a Technics Epa 250 multipurpose, on-the-fly adjustment for this arm too saving several dollars compared to the Epa 100 .... the natural match with the SP15

chakster, others,


If looking for a used EPA-100, what are the things to be concerned about?

questions to ask? 

Elliott, the Technics EPA tonearm guru is a fellow that goes by JP and can be found at the HiFi Haven forum as well as other places. Do a search on that arm there, he does a repair to the fragile ruby bearings as used on them.

Interesting to read the ad copy on this arm in the Ebay add you linked. It makes it seem that the armtube is made of Titanium Nitride. Had to look into that as that stuff has always been vapor deposited as a very hard wear surface used on cutting tools. I never heard it used as a material and looking into it all I see is surface treatments. So the arm tube is aluminum with a surface treatment, very dubious as to it’s benefit. I have the same type of arm tume on my Technics SL-M3 LT stashed away.