Tonearm for Technics 1200GR

I’m looking for a medium mass arm to replace the stock arm. Whatever arm is suggested it should have an armboard that can be bought for it as well. I run a Soundsmith Carmen MkII. 

Id like to keep the new arm under $1500. 

I found a Jelco TK 850s, but it appears to be a high mass arm. I also found a Timestep T-609, but it appears to be a high mass arm as well. 

BTW its a Canadian company so the exchange is advantageous"
for those in the USA.
Dear @lewm  : 130.00


There’s nothing wrong with the stock tonearm. It’s actually a very well designed arm and was made specifically for that deck.

Nothing wrong until you want to upgrade it

You’d be better off and notice a much larger difference by rewiring the tonearm with a higher grade of wire like Cardas, Audio Note, etc.

Some vintage tonearm are superior even with old stock internal wiring for some reason.

Do you think the new tonearm wires are not good even in GR or G series ?

Also look into a fluid damper from KAB.
There’s even a review of it on Audiogon.

The new arm designed for use without fluid damper, actually i have those dampers on my old technics along with cardas wiring. I prefer the arms without fluid dampers designed like KAB (with open "bath" to collect dust). I think the fluid damper is not necessary, at least some of my favorite tonearms does not have fluid dampers at all and sound fantastic, Reed 3p is one of them (completely different design philosophy).


Right, nothing wrong until you want to upgrade to a new arm, but there’s nothing wrong with the stock tonearm to begin with. 
I was just providing a few options to upgrade the stock arm. 
Obviously, the 2 options I thought of are upgrading the tonearm wires, which I’ve done to my 1200 with great results, and a KAB fluid damper, which I have used and very much enjoyed the results of also for years now. 
I just put the dust cover on when not in use and have had no problems with dust. 
You prefer no fluid damping, I prefer fluid damping. 
No big deal. 

@technick I think you're talking about old 1200 series, not a brand new GR the OP asking for. I've done all the upgrades for the old 1210 mkII before i bought SP-10mkII, but i hope a brand new Technics does not require any of them, because it's a different beast and i believe stock wiring must be good as much as the new tonearm. It's not necessary to call KAB for his mods if you own G or GR which must be a huge upgrade comparing to the old 1200 series. Well, just my thought.